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Here’s How Women Can Have Curved Hair Cut At Home

by Vinay Kumar
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Every woman adores their hair very much. They like to maintain and make them look beautiful. Women have to cut their hair from time to time. Overgrown bangs, split ends, and unshapely layers make the look of their hair bad. A haircut makes women’s hair strong and also increases its growth. Women also try new haircuts to look beautiful. 

Nowadays, women also cut their hair at home to try something new. In this article, we will talk about having a Curved Hair Cut at home. You can check its process to do this haircut by yourself:

Curved Hair Cut At Home

A curved hair cut is a U shape haircut in which the core of your hair is longer than the sides. It has various layers and, the tips of your hair will look as though they form a U shape. This haircut is popular among females. You can cut your hair in U shape on your own at home. Many women cut their hair at their home with scissors. If salons are closed due to a pandemic, you can cut your hair on your own. Also, if you have not received an appointment and there is an urgent need to cut your hair, it is suitable for you.

If your hair is long, then you can try to cut your hair at home. But you have to follow all the steps carefully, and you need the right tools for it.

Scalp micropigmentation is a process that involves injecting pigment into the scalp to change the color of hair. The most popular use for scalp micropigmentation is to cover gray hair with dark hair so it looks like there’s no gray at all.

Things Required For Curved Hair Cut

The first and most important thing that you need for a curved haircut is a scissor. For this haircut, you should use hair cutting scissors or sheers. You can purchase these scissors online. Also, do not use the kitchen or office scissors as they can ruin your hair. Before buying the hair cutting scissors, look for material quality, blade, handle type, and size.

Apart from scissors, you have to gather other things like a comb, spray bottle, hair elastic, and towel. Without these things, you cannot get a curved haircut at home balayage near me.

Process For Curved Hair Cut

You have to follow all the steps carefully to have a curved haircut at home. Keep reading to know about the process for curved hair cut:

  1. First, you need to wash your hair and then dry them. After that, cover your shoulders with a towel. You have to straighten your hair with a comb.
  2. Now, you have to split your hair into two parts. Bring these two parts of your hair to the left and right sides of your shoulders.
  3. Starting from the right side, pull hair in your fingers and cut straight across. To make the hair straight, use a comb through the hair and then snip. 
  4. Now, repeat the exact process on the left side of your hair. Also, make sure to equal the length of hair from both sides.  
  5. Make a front ponytail of hair using a hair elastic. Now, cut the end of your hair straight across soften the edges of your hair. 
  6. For excluding bulkiness, divide your hair down the center. Repeat the cuts into the ends on the right side. Do the same thing for the left side of your hair.

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