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Benefits of Online Tutoring for Students

by Aryan
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The sudden change from offline to online at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic is here to stay. In the beginning of the pandemic, we were forced to shift online and find newer ways to keep institutions going. Education had to go through the biggest impact. 

But the sudden elimination of the physical learning spaces has not been very easy for children. Adults can easily work with different technologies, but the same cannot be said about children. And hence, they lost out on a lot when they were still coping with learning through an online medium. 

Now that things are gradually going back to normal, online forms of education are here to stay. So, embracing and accepting this fact is important. Also, it is a safer mode of teaching, owing to the current situation.

Thus, Online tutoring, given the times, is extremely important. Tutoring or taking additional help outside the school curriculum is a preexisting concept. School teaches several children at the same time using the same techniques. But children have different learning paces, and this is where tutoring comes into the picture. 

But what are the benefits of online tutoring? This article provides you with the clarity to decide whether you should consider online tutoring for your child, or not. 

Personalized guidance: Every child is unique, therefore, one teaching technique might not work with every student. Also, some students are shy and therefore hesitate to ask questions and clarify their doubts in the class. Online tutoring solves this problem by giving the students a chance to ask questions without hesitation and learning at an individualistic pace. 

In online tutoring, the tutor understands the child and their needs and preferences. Based on that, they can also create customized lesson plans that the students can easily understand.

Uninhibited interaction: Thanks to the digital space, interaction is no longer a hindrance. In schools, teachers would be unavailable once the school time is over. But that is not the case with online tutoring. Here, tutors are more easily accessible, and students can reach them at any proper hour during the day. 

Moreover, the one-on-one interaction allows students to form a personal bond with their tutors. This tremendously helps in academics because it facilitates uninhibited interaction. 

Covering gaps: As said before, 2020 shook the academic foundation for children. A lot was happening in the world, and education took a backseat. Shifting learning online was also  difficult for some students. The rudeness of the events has definitely resulted in a number of learning gaps which the school won’t be able to go back and fill-up.

Online tutoring can step-up here and help students to cover the existing learning gaps. Online tutoring can effectively create a space where students can come back and resolve their queries repeatedly. It is the extra academic support that leaves no space for doubts. 

Increased accountability: In schools, especially with online education, managing so many students on a virtual medium isn’t easy. Discipling them all together is very difficult. But this cannot be done away with because school is one of the most important places where students learn a lot of things along with important academic lessons. 

So what is the alternative? Online tutoring platforms can help reinstate this discipline taught at school by repeating the values taught at school. They can hold students accountable by giving them homework and taking small mock tests before exams. 

Saves time: Reaching the classroom in just a few seconds is something we could only dream of a few years back, but now it has become a reality. Online tutoring saves time and that is the biggest boon of this new form of education. 

It completely eliminates the amount of time needed to travel to school and the distractions it causes. 

Online tutoring creates more time to focus on studies and practice, especially before exam time. Moreover, since online tutoring doesn’t require students and the teacher to be in the same geographical space, you can find the best teachers without worrying about travel. 

So, now you know that online tutoring has multiple benefits. Make sure you know how to utilize them. With online tutoring, the entire world is available for you. With it, you can get the best of academics at your doorstep. 

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