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Jon Mac Review and his Store Formula

by Thomas Browne
Jon Mac review and his store

Lucrative online businesses are a dream for everyone in the present day. People are looking for various ways to develop their online businesses. One such way is the eCommerce course. Many of you reading this might come across several courses with the same purpose. Store Formula is one such course for eCommerce from Jon Mac. Now, why Store Formula in specific? Here is a brief Jon Mac review to answer that question for you. 

Jon Mac Store Formula Review: 

Focusing on dropshipping techniques is the best thing about Jon Mac’s Store Formula. The whole course is online and lasts for 9 hours and 17 minutes precisely. Jon delineates various aspects related to eCommerce in the Store Formula. Jon also provides an excellent alternative to the Shopify platform through his Commerce HQ. Have a look. 

What is Store Formula? 

Store Formula is an online course with video learning material from Jon Mac. It revolves around Jon’s Commerce HQ platform and dropshipping techniques. Jon aims to create self-sufficient systems for every student to create their online stores. The Store Formula is an excellent platform for everyone, be it a novice or someone with established online stores. 

Who is Jon? 

Jon Mac claims to be a mentor, speaker, author, and marketing strategist. He is one successful entrepreneur who trained numerous students in building their eCommerce venture. Jon contributed to the eCommerce world with different books, various platforms, and now the Store Formula. Jon says that he wants to help his students achieve success. I feel he’s genuine to his words, for he’s already helped many, for that matter. Jon Mac’s review from his alumni never boasted false claims but certain results. 

What is included in the Store Formula? 

As mentioned above, Store Formula is an online course covering different strategies to succeed in the eCommerce world. Jon presents the course in different formats like videos, transcripts, mp3 recordings, webinars, and questionnaires. The whole course is based on the assumption that dropshipping is possible from anywhere in the world. 

What can you expect from Store Formula? 

Store Formula lasts for around 10 hours taught in four weeks. You get access to Jon’s co-founded Commerce HQ platform to create your website. You can use this platform to create up to six unique online stores. I think the course is pretty straightforward and well-versed. Jon indeed did an excellent job in delineating the course. 

  • Free Subscription 

Jon provides a free 1-year subscription to his Commerce HQ for everyone enrolling in the course. 

  • Alumni Community 

The subscription also covers access to the course’s alumni community through the private Mastermind Facebook Group. 

  • Proven Results 

Jon boasts about his successful students and suggests that the results only happen when the students work accordingly. 

Course Breakdown 

The exact runtime of the Store Formula is 9 hours and 17 minutes, as mentioned above. 


Jon gives an introduction about himself and his course in the Welcome video. He also discusses that this course is for two sets of people: 

  • Those who are new to the eCommerce course and 
  • Those with established eCommerce businesses and looking for ways to improve their stores 

Week 1: Build 

Jon focuses on shifting you to the right mindset in the first week. He also delineates his success formula involving Current State, Plan, Daily Execution, Time, and Dream Life. You can use his Commerce HQ platform to create your online store with different themes and customizations. Commerce HQ is so easy that you can launch your store in just 24 hours or maybe less! This was my trigger to put up the Jon Mac review

Week 2: Select 

You will learn about finding your store’s winning product in the second week. Jon suggests going with the existing products instead of relying on risky newbies. He walks you through different techniques to help pick your product through Facebook feeds. 

Jon also provides his unique software to help understand the working of Facebook ads. You’ll also learn about products’ profit margins and their pricing techniques. Jon suggests that any online store will only need a single winning product to fetch you a 6-figure income. 

Week 3: Launch 

The third week of Store Formula lays its maximum emphasis on Facebook ads. Jon claims to have cracked the code to effective use of Facebook ads. He teaches a step-by-step procedure to create an ad campaign and run it successfully using his tricks. 

Week 4: Outsource 

This part of Store Formula was the best thing for me. I decided on putting up the Jon Mac review right after this section. Jon teaches the prominence of hiring an efficient team to run a successful store. While most others suggest this step when it’s too late, Jon recommends doing it as soon as your sales kick in. He suggests that you hire a team for: 

  • Project management 
  • Looking after ad campaigns 
  • Customer services 


You’ll also have access to Jon’s bonus modules where you can take part in questionnaire sessions. These were pretty helpful to me as I could clarify all my doubts related to my store. Jon also picked some random students for direct interaction, and I was fortunate to be among them! 

Why do I recommend Store Formula? 

My Jon Mac review is entirely about what I felt from the course. Before giving my final opinion, I’d like to mention that I’m not paid for it. So, this is my genuine opinion about the course and Jon Mac’s review. I felt Jon is pretty straightforward in his methods and is confident at what he says and does. My store was hardly getting any sales before joining the course. But it didn’t take much time to cross the $1k revenue per day! 

His methods of dropshipping are indeed worth everything that I invested. Commerce HQ platform is an asset to the course, for it eases store customization. The course was well structured and easily understandable for a person from a non-eCommerce background too. I’d say this is the best way to run an online store successfully. 

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