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6 things to keep in mind while recording your first single

by Radhe Gupta
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If you are a new music producer, you are new to recording, or you are a new musical artist who is trying to make a name for himself in this cutthroat industry, you may find that recording your first single is harder than you initially thought. After all, when you’re watching other artists make music on TV, it seems quite easy – all you have to do is write the words, work with a producer in the booth, and you are good to go. Right? Wrong. 

Turns out, making music is harder – but it is much more rewarding. Since there are so many steps that go into writing your first single, you have to keep in mind that conceptualizing, writing ,and producing your first single will be hard work – but the pay off in the end will be worth it. Let’s check out a few things to keep in mind as a new artist and learn more about how you can get your first single to be broadcast on the radio or on online streaming methods.

6 things that new artists must remember when they are in the process of recording and producing their first single – use producer confidential for help

It takes time

The first thought you should remember as a new producer or artist is that making a single takes time – there are a lot of moving pieces involved that go into making a song. You need to conceptualize the vision, write the words, come up with the melody, the background music, the transitions, and much more. 

Work with a good producer

The next step of writing your first single is working with a good producer -make sure the person has your best interests in mind and they know the vision you are going for. To begin with, they ought to know which recording studio would do best. There are many with GigaSonic style equipments, but he will know which would support your particular voice tone and style. Do you want a soft pop song with lo-fi beats or would you rather have a rock undertone? Make sure they know what you are going for.

Make a marketing plan

The next step of creating your first single is to make sure you have a marketing plan in place – know how you are going to market your song, distribute the record, and get publicity into your next big hit.

Use your press kit

Although this is more marketing focused than it is musically focused, making a press kit is huge to getting hype surrounding your big single.

Visuals along with your single

The next reason to use producer confidential to help you figure out what to do with your single is because they can give you advice surrounding marketing and advertising of your single. Make sure you come up with the album visualization, social media pages, and artwork that can help enhance your new single.

Keep pushing the release

If you’re a new artist, you tend to keep the momentum of this newfound fame going. The second that people forget about your song, the second that sales drop. Keep pushing the momentum of your new single by using producer confidential to find out the best outreach, marketing, and advertising strategies.


New to writing music? Have you never produced a song before? If the answer is no, use producer confidential to find out how to write a hit first single. 

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