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Free Print Text Messages from Android

by Radhe Gupta
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Nowadays, the use of text messages in our daily life is most common to contact people, and some text messages contain much valuable information. Several Android users are considering how to print text messages from their devices for free. There are several reasons to print text messages from an Android device. This article will discuss the most straightforward method for printing text messages from android phones free by SMS EasyReader&Printer.

Here, we will apply Android Data Recovery by print SMS Android. It will scan your android phone and keep your text messages as an HTML file on your PC. The text messages on your Android phone may then be instantly printed. For deleted text conversations, firstly recover deleted text messages from android and then keep these messages to your PC for printing.

1.) Make a connection between your Android phone and your computer.

Free download the recovery software for your android and install and run it. after that, connect your android phone with your PC through a USB cable. The software will recognize your android phone automatically, and your phone will be loaded.

2.) Scanning the functions of your Android phone.

Before scanning the Android phone, you require to allow the USB on debugging mode. If your phone is rooted, then it will enable the superuser authorization of the Android data recovery.

The software will guide you to allow the USB on debugging mode of your android phone. You are required to follow the actions on the interface according to the version of your android phone.

When you terminate enabling the USB on debugging mode, then tap on the Next button. Then the software will ask about all the superuser permission of the application. You require to tap on allow key that displays on your screen of android phone.

Later, you will need to access the interface to choose the data for scanning. The software previously checked all sorts of data for you. If you need to scan text messages only on your android phone, you can uncheck other data.

Tap on the Next button, then pick scanning mode; we suggest selecting the advanced mode option. In this mode, you will get more extra text messages results.

3.) Preview the text messages and keep them on your PC

The recovery software will start to scan your android phone, and then on the interface, the results of the text messages will be presented. You can effortlessly preview all text messages before saving them to your PC. Select all of the text messages you want to print, then press the Recover key to save them to your computer.

4.) Printing the text messages from your android phone

The software saves all your text messages in HTML file format on your PC. Now, open the HTML file of the text messages and print out the text messages from your android phone by using the printer.

That’s all the steps for printing out the text messages free from your android phone by using Android Data Recovery. All actions are straightforward. You can instantly print text messages with the proper time and date from your Android phone. With this application, there is no problem will be caused for printing out your text messages.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, now you can print out your important text messages from your android phone easily by using the software discussed above when you need to record your colleagues’ important text messages conversation or saving data proof of any evidence to prevent your legal rights. 

For these purposes, it’s essential to print out your text messages. You require Android data recovery software that is freely available, and you can quickly download and preserve your important text messages in your records. Just follow print SMS Android and see the rest. 

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