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Different techniques you could use for cleaning your bong today

by Thomas Browne
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The hygiene of your bong can tell a lot about the type of smoker you are. Proper maintenance is key if you are to enjoying consuming marijuana from your bong or just having a nice smoke session with friends. You should know inhaling from a dirty bong might be dangerous for your respiratory system and you might just want to find out the best way to avert the same. There are a lot of techniques to clean a bong but first, how do you know that it needs cleaning. Among the common signs of dirt, a bong is spotting a slimy film in the bong, the presence of heavy resin starting to form in the bong, discolored bong water or liquid and black specks on the bong walls. Once you start noticing such obvious signs of poor hygiene on your bong, it is time you started regular cleaning if you are to have a durable bong. You also have to be considerate of the material used to make the bong, the design and color of the bong when shopping for one just to avoid buying an item you will find hard to maintain. Find out below the several techniques you need to know when cleaning your gas mask bong today.

Clean with Alcohol 

It is not a speculation but a fact that alcohol remains one of the best liquids to use for cleaning your bong spotless clean. In many cases, you will be able to restore the aesthetic appeal of the bong after using rubbing alcohol to clean it. Detach your bong first and then rinse with water to rid the obvious your bong the slime and spot son it. Hot water is even preferable as it can help you get rid of the resin from inside. Add abrasives like sea salt or rice to the solution to create enough abrasion for removing the dirt stuck on the bong walls. Shale the bong repeatedly but remember to use plugs to protect the bong parts from breaking. After cleaning your bong thoroughly using alcohol, it is time to rinse it with plenty of hot water. This is necessary because it mitigates and even removes the smell of alcohol from your bong. 

Use of lemon for cleaning 

Despite the fact that alcohol remains the number one option to use for cleaning bongs, not everyone on the planet wants to associate with the product. It only makes sense that they choose other worthwhile hacks for cleaning that will leave their bongs sparkling. Start by adding lemon squeeze to your bong pieces after detaching them. Add pure hot water to the lemon-soaked bong pieces and then shake thoroughly before you commence the rinsing. You however have to wait for the solution to cool fast before you start rinsing with warm water to rid the parts of the bong of any smells. Lemon is also among the cheapest options that you can use in case you also do not want to waste alcohol for cleaning purposes. 

How to use baking soda for bong cleaning 

There are other ways that you can clean your bong without having to use lemons and alcohol for the cleaning. You can opt to use baking soda for your bong cleaning needs as it forms a perfect abrasive and cleaning agent to rely on. Start by filling the bong with warm water and then hold it by the base while covering the top to start shaking aggressively before emptying the solution out to the sink. You then have to give your bong some time without smoking which could be anything from a few days to a week before you continue with your cleaning plans. Scoop fresh vinegar and then add about a cup or so of vinegar into the bong. You should do this in predetermined surroundings like a bathtub or kitchen sink because once you are done shaking, some mess might be created. After you shake your bong and the solution begins to fizzle, allow the solution to outflow out of the bong as the dirt inside is eliminated. After this stage, you can use your long brush or scrubber to reach the insides of the bong before you rinse it out clean with warm water. 

Can salt clean bongs?

When talking about home-based cleaning hacks, the use of salt has proven to be most effective as it comes next to using alcohol as a cleaning solution. It is a simple process that should not take you too long to finish. Start by adding three tablespoons of salt to the bong you are to clean and then add warm or hot water to it. It is preferred you choose course slat types for instance sea salt which will not dissolve with ease into the hot water.  At this point, hold the bong firmly by the base as you cover the top and begin shaking it vigorously to have salt scrubbing the surface of the bong. You should however be very careful when shaking the bong to mitigate any chances of dropping it especially if you use glass bongs. Add more salt in case you feel the scrubbing has not been properly done. At this stage, you can empty out the solution to the toilet or sink where it cannot stain anything else. This technique is always ideal because it is cheap and can also be done repeatedly until all the dirt has been removed from the bong.


When shopping for bongs, the quality you choose will determine how long you will use it and ultimately the kind of experience you will get using it. Maintenance forms an important part of your bong hygiene and durability which is the reason you need to be armed with various cleaning hacks especially if you move around with your bong a lot. Having the cleaning supplies, the tools to use, and ultimately the reason for regular cleaning, you will end up with a clean and shining bong which you will be proud to use and share with your friends.

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