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What are the benefits of having a Demat account?

by Vinay Kumar
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If you want to make money from your saved money then making investments in the share market is one of the best opportunities. It can help you in growing your money on a short term as well as a long term basis. But the question is where will you deal in the share market, in simple words, you are required to have a platform to trade or invest in stocks and securities. If you want to be a part of the share market but do not know how you can do the same. If this is the case, let us tell you that to invest in the share market you are only required to have a single Demat account. On that Demat account, you can trade in all types of stocks and securities. 

Depending upon your knowledge, you can choose one or more types of stocks or securities and start to deal in them. The stock market has brought opportunities for all of us to make money. Whether you are a student, an employee, a sole proprietor, etc. You can, by opening a Demat account, start to grow your money. You can become a great investor or trade, the only initiative you are required to take is to open a Demat account. Once you have opened this account, you can start your journey in the stock market. Opening this account is not a difficult task, all you will be required to do is provide your basic details, following all the instructions step by step, you will end up opening a Demat account. However, there are a lot of benefits of having a Demat account that you might not even be aware of. 

The points given below are the benefits of having a Demat account: 

  • Buy and sell at any time: It is one of the biggest benefits of having a Demat account. Earlier, in the absence of a Demat account, buying or selling a stock or security was at least a 48 hours process. But now, the use of these accounts has made it easy for us to trade. You won’t be required to wait for 48 hours to del or buy stocks. As soon as, you click on the buy option, the stock will be credited to your account and as soon as, you have clicked the sell option, your stock will be debited from your account. It has eliminated the risk of market volatility in buying and selling process. 
  • Save your money: Another benefit of having a Demat account is that it will help you in saving your money. You must be wondering that how it will help you in saving money. Let us tell you that when you trade through a broker, you will be charged with brokerage charges and these charges will reduce your profit. Whereas, trading through this account will only deduct a little fee, nothing extra. 

These are the benefits of having a Demat account. If you want to open a Demat account, you should visit 5paisa for step-by-step instructions.

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