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Bangles for every occasion and event

by Radhe Gupta
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What comes to your mind when you hear the word “bangles”? Bangles are a representation of tradition and culture. They have the essence of family values and they hold the history of your family in them. Bangles are the traditional gift given to the daughter or the daughter-in-law of the house after marriage. 

This image of bangles has been completely reworked and the designs available now, are not only casual but fun and creative. You can wear these with jeans, t-shirts, skirts, dresses, shorts, crop tops, and every other piece of clothing you can think of. The shapes, sizes, and designs of bangles have changed and the enchanting designs at your disposal are enough to leave you confused. 

What are the designs you can wear every day? 

Bangles don’t need to be bold and big. They should compliment your outfit and accentuate your gestures. Some of the designs that you can wear every day are listed below. 

  1. Plain bangle – A simple and plain bangle of yellow, rose or white gold can look classy no matter what you decide to wear. The impact of this dainty piece of jewellery can be powerful. If you are looking for a website for buying gold bangles, look no further because this is the one destination you will find options beyond your wildest dreams. 
  2. Tweed and linked bangles – If you are a fan of wearing gold jewellery on a daily basis, these are the perfect solution to your needs. The textured gold patterns are a fun way of wearing gold bangles on a daily basis. 
  3. Irresistible motifs – Beautifully crafted bangles with floral and geometric motifs can turn around the way you look. The intricate designs mixed with a modern touch are enough to make you shine as bright as you should. There are motifs of romantic hearts, beautiful florals, eclectic geometry, and incomparable abstract shapes. 
  4. Precious gemstones – Looking for something extra sparkly and extra special? Look at the bangles studded gracefully with diamonds. They add some extra oomph to your outfit and make you look stunning no matter where you are. You can also look at various gemstones to add variety to your collection of bangles. Whether it is a circle of diamonds or a double-edged design, the perfect bangle is the one you feel most comfortable adorning. If you are looking for a website for buying diamond bangles, start right here!
  5. Open edged bangle – There is a massive scope of designs that can be curated in the open edge bangle. They can range from sassy shapes to traditional shapes. You can find feathers, leaves, flowers, arrows, metal balls, knots at the edge of the bangles that give them a stylish finish. 
  6. Mixed metals – What can be better than wearing a mixed metal bangle. This way you can wear jewellery made with either kind of metal. You can also pair it with the choice of your clothes and it doesn’t matter if the clothes or formal, party wear or casual, this bangle can blend right in with any look. 
  7. Shapes – Try different shapes of bangles to keep things interesting. You can go for a heart, square, and anything else besides a circle if you want to try something new. 

Get something sparkly for your wrist now!

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