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The latest sports news in India – read more on Times of Nashik

by Radhe Gupta
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To stay up to date with the latest sports news around the world, you need to read reputable news sources that can cover both domestic and internal competitions. Although knowing all you can about the NFL is interesting, maybe you want to branch out and check out sports in other countries. You should begin looking at athlete UK news to check out the latest in the English Premier League, such as how Ronaldo is doing on Manchester United. If you want to broaden your horizons even further, why not check out how the Indian cricket team is doing in international competitions? By reading Times of Nashik, you can learn about the latest sporting events and sporting news in India – find out more here.

Read Times of Nashik to stay up to date on the latest Indian sporting news

By staying up to date on the latest sporting news from all around the world, you can see a glimpse into another country’s culture, society, and interests. In India, cricket and table tennis are two of their main sports! 

Clare Connor is MCC’s first female president

Clare Connor, the former England women’s team cricket captain, became the first female head of the Marylebone Cricket Club. The former president, Kumar Sangakkara, had his tenure come to an end – and shortly after, Clare Connor was nominated to take over the club. Currently, Connor is the manager of the ECB Women’s Cricket organization, but she is now the first female president of MCC. 

Indian cricket news

In the Indian cricket world, the Mumbai Indians coach is saying they might struggle in the upcoming competitions due to injury. One of their leaders, Hardik Pandya, might suffer another setback if he is pushed too soon in competition. Hardik is one of the best cricketers they have on their team but unfortunately had to sit out the first two games in the current tournament due to injury. To avoid overstressing his injury and jeopardizing recovery, his coach, Mahela Jayawardene, said they may rest him for another game.  

Indian table tennis news

The Indian table tennis team earned a bronze medal in the Asian Championships after a hard-fought battle with their rivals, South Korea. They lost 0-3 in the Semifinals against a talented team but still managed to do well enough to bring home some hardware to their home country. In the quarterfinals, their win was imminent – they beat Iran with a whopping score of 13-1. However, the next game proved to be much harder, as the Indian team did not win a tie during the entire match. They were still able to secure the bronze medal in the Asian Championships tournament!


Keeping up to date on the latest news is the best way you can bridge the gap between your culture and someone else’s. Staying up to date with the latest news in sports in India – such as the cricketing news and table tennis championships – you can learn more about other people and other cultures. Read the Times of Nashik to learn the most important sporting information! 

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