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Need real estate mailers that work? Try these 5 templates!

by Radhe Gupta
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If you’re trying to come up with the perfect real estate mailer idea – but you can’t quite seem to get your creative juices flowing – then try these unique ideas! Instead of just using the same old marketing tactics to try and get new real estate customers – like using TV commercials, newspaper ads, social media posts, long emails, and mass text messages – why not use real estate mailers? Instead of being annoying and bombarding your potential client base, use real estate mailers to send out the most important infraction in a cool, creative, and personalized way. By using this marketing and outreach method, you can demonstrate what you care about, the benefits of your company vs. the competition, and why clients should choose YOU. 

5 template ideas for real estate mailers!

Are you stuck when it comes to forming new real estate mailers for our growing business? Do you tend to stand out among the crowd but you are not sure how? If you’re confused about how to create the perfect real estate mailers for our business, read here, we recommend checking out these templates. 

Remain consistent over time

Just because you want to really get someone to notice you, this doesn’t mean that you should change your business theme, ethos, or style. If you frequently use modern fonts, cool pictures, and bright colors, then stick with the same theme for every real estate mailer that you use. There is no point changing up your theme and causing people to wonder why you changed your idea – this will only make people question your authenticity and the brand behind your business.

Use bold colors!

Black and white are in the past – instead, use bright colors, vivid pictures, and striking imagery to get people to look at your real estate mailers! If you are considering using a pale blue or a bright blue for your background, choose bright colors! Bold colors and strong lines attract someone’s eyes and visual field.

Use strange geometric shapes and clean lines

By using various geometric shapes on your real estate mailers – instead of just squares, circles, and triangles in your real estate mailer – use a mixture of unique geometric shapes to make people’s eyes automatically go towards your page. 

Use big photos

The forum why you can use real estate mailers to really get someone’s attention is by using big photos. Don’t just add a photo to the corner of your mailer – instead, use a photo that takes up the entire middle section! 

Use aerial photos

The last way that you can use real estate mailers to capture someone’s attention is by using aerial photos. Using birds-eye view photos is one of the best ways you can get a complete picture of the house that you’re selling. 


If you’re considering the best way to make real estate mailers and stand out among the competition, follow our template ideas. Instead of sending long emails and calling your potential clients, use real estate mailers with bold colors, big photos, unique shapes, clever wording, and personalized touches to make your advertising methods stand out among the rest of the competition! 

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