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6 Quick and Easy DIY Projects For Enhancing Your Home’s Yard and Exterior

by Yash Ranjan
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Every year in the spring, there’s a day when you dash out on your way to work and you realize you don’t need a jacket. Instantly, you’re reminded of the summer days and evenings that you’ll be spending outdoors at your home. Before you use your backyard as a warm-weather retreat, you might want to add some new improvements. Here are 6 quick and easy do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to spruce up the exterior areas of your property.

1. Fix or Replace Lawn Furniture

If you want to refurbish your existing lawn chairs and tables, you can clean them and repaint them. You might need to use some scraping and scrubbing materials such as brushes or steel wool. Also, fix table and chair wobbles by tightening loose screws if needed. If you want to update cushions, you can shop for new ones or clean the ones you have  Bob Vila recommends using a warm water mix of Borax and dish soap for cleaning vinyl. You also have the option to spray paint the cushions after cleaning.

2. Upgrade Lighting

You can shed some new light on your yard by installing outdoor lamps and lanterns. If you put in stair lights or landscape lights you can brighten steps or paved pathways. Another option is to update the light fixtures you already have by repainting them or buying new ones. If you’ve already planned an evening party, you can temporarily hang stringed lights on your fencing, shrubs or trees or keep them there all season if they’re made for exterior use.

3. Install a Shade Structure

Adding a bit of shade in the summer makes your sitting area more comfortable and attractive. You have several quick and easy DIY options for cover including umbrellas, pergolas, canopies and roller shades. Don’t worry about not having carpentry skills because you can install a pergola with modular pieces and a pergola bracket kit within an afternoon. With pergolas, you also have the option of adding a shade screen or hanging curtains to add more shade if needed.

4. Paint Doors

One way to increase curb appeal is to add vibrant colors to exterior doors. You might need to sand them down and repair knicks, scratches and cracks first. Then, try adding a royal blue or a cherry red hue to the front entry door that will provide an eye-catching and complementary contrast to your home’s exterior and window trim.

5. Wash Paved Areas

If it’s early spring, it might be time to sweep away dead leaves, branches and dirt that accumulated over the winter. Sweep and rake first, then you can use a leaf blower to get rid of sticky leaves in corners and drainage areas. To get rid of stubborn dirt and stains on concrete or pavers, use a power washer.

6. Add Birdbaths and Feeders

Do you want to create a bird-friendly backyard? Add some bird feeders and a birdbath. You can shop at any store housing a lawn and garden department to find these bird essentials or you can make your own. For feeders, internet DIY gurus suggest using recyclable materials like plastic bottles, milk cartons and tin cans because they are plentiful, inexpensive and easy to decorate. You can also use repurposed household and garden items such as terra cotta saucers, lamp bases, and even trash can lids for birdbaths.

Finding simple, time-saving and inexpensive ideas to add comfort and beauty to your outdoor haven is definitely possible. Even if you have only a few hours, you can install or create items that make your yard a comfortable and inviting place for your friends and family. Plus, you can have the satisfaction of knowing you made these improvements on your own!

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