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5 Tips to Help You Convince Your Friends to Buy Bitcoin

by Yash Ranjan
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Cryptocurrency is gaining more and more popularity in the world today, thanks to the globalized exchange of currency. In particular, Bitcoin has attracted a huger number of investors not only because of the associated security, but also the high value as well as the low levy charges compared to the use of credit cards.

However, most people remain doubtful about the efficiency and security of cryptocurrency, thus, hindering them from reaping the benefits. This is why you need special tactics to convince your family and friends to invest in crypto. You must be believable and convince them that the investment will not involve losing money. Here are the helpful tips to bring your friends into the Bitcoin revolution. 

1. Practice Patience 

Your friends may lack knowledge about cryptocurrency investment and may need you to explain everything from scratch. Keeping in mind that new words and terms are complex, the process of explaining may be pretty stressful. Always try as much as you can to use simple words to teach them about crypto and be ready to repeat the concepts several times. There is a lot of inaccurate content on the internet about cryptocurrencies investment. It is, therefore, your role to remove any doubt about the subject and change the narrative on how to buy cryptocurrencies. 

2. Use Simple Cryptocurrency Terms 

When explaining crypto, using words such as “decentralization,” and “Federal Reserve” may sound appealing, but your friends may not. When talking to them about digital money for the first time, make sure you use familiar terminologies that are easy to master. Otherwise, the whole conversation may sound like Greek, and none of your friends will show interest in such kind of investment. Furthermore, a new subject should always remain interesting. Using professional terms can make your friends bored and will not pay enough attention. Therefore, you need to take a step-by-step approach to discuss crypto investment. 

3. Never Argue 

Often, people make arguments against cryptocurrency to avoid investing in it. When this happens, you need to patiently and calmly explain why the information is not true. Arguing will not bring any positive change but may push your friends even further away from the topic. Start by explaining to them how to buy cryptocurrencies and various usages, including how to buy bitcoin with debit card. Once they understand the concept, they will learn to appreciate the new technology and how it makes life easier. 

4. Share your Crypto 

All your illustrations and videos about crypto will have little or no effect compared to making your friend invest in cryptocurrencies. Once you get their attention, you may consider doing the following: 

• Guide them on how to create a crypto wallet to buy bitcoin

• Send them cryptocurrency; either Ethereum or Bitcoin 

• Get them to buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies or send you back the crypto

Once you do any of the above, let your friend understand that it only takes a few minutes to send or receive money just like an email. You should explain that crypto is available anywhere in the world, and limitless amounts can be transferred, ranging from 2 cents to 20 million.

5. Know When to Stop 

When sharing investment information, it is easy for a crypto enthusiast to be optimistic. During the discussion, you should be able to tell whether your friend will eventually buy the idea or not want to be part of it. Understand the perception held about crypto before and after the discussion. From here, you will know whether to push your friend further or stop the unfruitful conversation for something different. 


Cryptocurrency is an interesting investment topic today. However, convincing people of the opportunities and benefits is necessary to understand how technology works. The tips above can help you spread the gospel about cryptocurrencies.

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