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WoW TBC Classic Phase 2 Release

by Radhe Gupta
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Possible delays and release date estimates

Many players consider World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade the best expansion of the game. Following that, they were very excited to know it was getting a remake in WoW TBC Classic. Blizzard is even recreating the expansion’s patch releases, releasing content in phases like the original release. For the most part, that is. WoW TBC is a special case. So, when can you stop farming WoW TBC gold for the next update? We’ll talk about that and more.

What to Expect From Phase 2

First and foremost, raiders will be excited about the two new raids coming to TBC. They are the Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern. Tempest Keep is where players can fight Kael’thas Sunstrider. Serpentshrine Cavern is where Lady Vashj hid, forcing players to come for her vial. This second raid is one of the most difficult raids in the game.

These two dungeons are coming out in their pre-nerfed state, which means it’s going to be as difficult to complete as when it was first released. On the flipside, phase 1 raids will get nerfed after the update, so players can get better TBC items and gear easier.

Back in the day, all of the raids were available, players just had to find the correct quests to access them. Now, however, they have to be released in phases, else some equipment outright becomes irrelevant instantly. Players have more experience and information is more accessible now, so quest-gating them isn’t the right way to go about it anymore. Check car transportation services if you need it for your business or personal purposes.

Other than these two raids, there will be new content such as new factions and a new PvP season. The latter brings with it new Faction Battlegear. That new system lets level 70 characters become PvP-ready in a snap. There’s also the new same-faction Battlegrounds that’s been in testing to look forward to. It’s not the best solution, but it’s a solution and hopefully, it can alleviate the long queues osrs gold.

A few quality-of-life updates will also come with phase 2. There’s the Druid’s Swift Flight Form and the Looking for Group tool as well as Guild Banks.

Phase 2 of WoW TBC is shaping up to be a big, big update. Players find many things to complain about, so all we can do is hope some of these updates can alleviate the problems they’ve found. For sure it can bring about new ones, but there’s only Blizzard can do.

Release Date News

Many estimates and predictions say it should be out by August 18 or so. However, those predictions couldn’t factor in a lawsuit that led to a portion of manpower being let go. Couple that with the pandemic still going on, and there’s sure to be a delay in release.

Now the question is how long is this delay going to be.

At any rate, it might take a while before the scandal dies down (hopefully with a clear and proper resolution). That could mean that the update will come in the next few weeks or maybe in a month. It’s going to be a long wait, so prepare all you can so you can get to the fun stuff when it comes out.

Preparing for the Update

With information being very accessible now, there’s research to be done. Information from the original release is already there, so finding what is needed would be simple. It wouldn’t exactly be all the same, but the dungeon mechanics and party composition should be mostly the same.

Getting characters up to speed should also be a priority. That means getting TBC Classic gold for all kinds of equipment and supplies. Sure, there’s the option to buy TBC gold, but are you going to risk your account for that? The same goes for the option to buy WoW TBC accounts or availing of TBC power leveling or boosting services.

Anyway, the delay means there’s time for any alts or new players to catch up. There are many guides and whatnot for leveling up quickly, and that’s besides availing a Burning Crusade power leveling service. The update is so close and yet so far, but you can be sure that it is coming.

Enjoy World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, and continue having fun in the game!

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