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All About RS3 Discontinued Items

by Radhe Gupta
Dailywatchreports.com The Role of Discontinued Items in RS3

What are they, and what is their role in the economy?

It’s been 20 years since Runescape has been online. That’s 20 years of players who have invested time into the game, and participated in events and whatnot. It also means that players have come and gone. Others have quit entirely, while some come back periodically. In any case, the longer a player keeps on playing the game, the higher their Runescape gold savings are.

Sometimes, they show off this wealth by equipping one of the rare RS3 discontinued items.

What are Runescape 3 Discontinued Items?

Simply put, they are items that are no longer obtainable in the game. They can come in two varieties, untradeable or tradeable. Future discontinued items are likely to be the former. A majority of past ones are the latter, and what makes up the most of what we’re going to talk about.

Holiday drops are a common theme with discontinued items. They’re usually available to get at certain periods of time (the really old ones are available only for one day!). After that, the only remaining way to get them is to trade with players who have them.

Trading Rare Discontinued Runescape Items

Now, the main problem with obtaining these items is, you can’t without paying an exorbitant amount of RS3 gold. Most of these items are priced in the billions. That’s a steep price to pay to get an item that’s essentially functionless.

They’re all cosmetic and have no combat functions at all. These Runescape items were one-off items to celebrate a holiday or some kind of event. As such, there is only a limited number of them available circulating the market. Not the GE, since their value among players is way higher than what the GE would suggest. The reason players want them so much is what ownership implies.

A Status Symbol

Ownership of one of these items implies two things. One is that the owner could be an old player to have gotten the item from when it was available. The second is that they have/had the money to buy it off another player. Either way, nowadays players generally lean toward the second interpretation, whether or not the first is true for the player.

Like in the real world, owning one of these items is a declaration of wealth. It’s the Runescape version of having the latest Apple device or a super expensive gaming rig. It shows and oozes prestige to anyone who equips it on their character. Wearing one is equivalent to screaming “I’m filthy rich!”.

The Dark Side

Of course, this is going to create a rift. On one side are the old-timers and those with the means and currency to buy these items. On the other, there are the newbies and casual gamers. Sure, the latter can make owning one discontinued item their goal. Runescape is a sandbox after all, and that’s well within what the game allows.

They should take note, however, that it can take a long time before they ever reach that kind of wealth. There are several ways of making money, but all of them take time before wealth can accumulate. What’s more, the really profitable methods are investments, meaning they’ll have to spend gold to earn more gold. Some of these risky methods have a chance to fail as well, meaning they could lose a large sum of money instead of earning a greater sum.

Hope for a Rerun?

Unfortunately, this is highly unlikely. The veterans of the game won’t just hand over the current status quo without a fight. Giving a rerun of these items will turn these precious items into something as worthless as dirt. After all, they’ll be readily available again, and when supply exceeds demand, price drops. They wouldn’t be status symbols anymore, plain and simple.

The best many casuals and newbies can hope for is to join future events that will hopefully let them collect what could be these in the far future. Of course, there’s the chance that they would quit before that happens, but still, they have it in their account if it’s any consolation.


These items may not have a combat function, but players covet and desire them so much. Their rarity and unavailability make it a very valuable item for players, and a mark of pride. At any rate, while getting them is a little more than a far-off dream for newbies and casuals, they can work hard to get it. It wouldn’t be overnight, but they can get there.

Whether you have these RS3 discontinued items or not, keep on enjoying the game!

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