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ILikeCheats – Use Premium Quality AimBot And ESP Wallhack.

by Thomas Browne
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PUBG, also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is a popular online multiplayer battle Royale game that is smartly developed by PUBG Corporation. This game is famous because of its amazing graphics as well gameplay. One hundred unknown players jump from the plane at different paths in different game modes. If we talk about game modes, then you will get a great list such as.

  • Classic game
  • Zombies
  • War
  • Arcade
  • Arena & Warehouse
  • Room

Therefore, you have such a great game mode from which you can easily choose a better option for enjoying this game. Just because you have such a great collection of weapons, it becomes hard for some new players to use every weapon ideally. Beginners who face trouble in aiming can quickly try out  PUBG Hacks aimbot feature that allows them to aim to targets ideally.


Do you know about the achievements in the PUBG game? If not, then let me tell you that whenever you complete a mission, then you will earn achievement points that will be added to the experience as well. While earning achievement points, players also earn different rewards such as classic create and premium creates as well. Therefore, there are a significant number of missions that are still pending in your PUBG account, so check them out and start playing them directly whenever you need them. It is entirely a secure and mind-blowing option for you.

What about Skins?

Just like other battle Royale games, you will also find skins of the PUBG weapons and many other outfits. All you need to do is open different creates such as.

  • Premium create
  • Classic create
  • Soldier create

Instead of this, there are various kinds of creatures that you will find in the game, so once you decide to play the game, then you should start collecting various kinds of items quickly that can be really wonderful and make your character attractive.

Different charters 

PUBG developers always give new surprises to their gamers, so after a specific season, PUBG gaming corporation introduced some brand new characters that are used for playing the game and enjoy as well. The first character’s name is Sara, which is an attractive character. This is best because of its mind-blowing outfits, and unique emotes. However, there are two more male characters who recently came to PUBG, such as Carlo and Andy, so both are male characters and liked by the gamers. You can pay for character vouchers in order to purchase these characters in-game.

In-game currency

As far as In-game currency is concerned, you have various options to which you can quickly pay attention and take its great benefits wisely. You should spend UC that is Unknown Cash and silver that is available in the game. There are even more currencies that you can see in the game, such as a diamond and the AG currency that you should definitely check out in the game and used for buying different items and skins as well. Gamers are able to use the currency in order to redeem various rewards. However, it proves pretty costly as compared to creating an opening, which is quite acceptable for gamers but depends on luck whether people receive Mythic items or everyday items.

How to play PUBG?

Once you decide to play the PUBG game, then, first of all, you need to create an account first by selecting any social networking account from Twitter and Facebook. After that, you are able to check out the tutorial and start playing the game. Here you can read the gameplay in detail –

  1. First of all, you need to choose any game mode like classic and the map according to your preference.
  2. Once you choose a map, then you will be on a spawn island, where you will find entire gamers who are playing against you.
  3. However, the game starts when you are in the plane and then jump from the plane with or without squad members on the map at the desired place.
  4. Once you land on a specific area, then you need to find weapons and armors along with consumables.  
  5. The game is all about attacking and surviving. If you find someone is near you then, you will find footsteps on the given map, and then you can quickly kill that target before they kill you.
  6. You can always stick with your teammates while you are playing with the squad members in the game with the use of a microphone that you use with your device. Even the pinging system is also there when you are mute, but give directions.
  7. Don’t forget the play zone, so it is all about the Blue zone that will come near you and try to kill you quickly, but if you don’t want to lose your health then you should try to stay in the Play zone.  
  8. Nothing is complicated when you have good gaming skills, but if you think you are not able to kill the targets, then only PUBG Hacksaimbot can help you to get more and more kills in the PUBG game.

At the end of the match, you will do “Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner” as a sign of winning, so you can also check out the entire statics of your match that you have played because, in those details, you can see kills and damage that you took and given to targets.

Don’t avoid airdrops

Have you ever seen any plane during the match? If yes, then let me tell you that it drops two types of airdrops. One is a blue airdrop that includes one powerful weapon along with level 3 armor. On the other hand, there is another airdrop that is only possible when you or any other player uses flare in the sky, and it will be green in color. This specific airdrop includes two different weapons that are powerful and along with level-3 armor as well, so when you wear it, then the chances of getting attack will be decreased because you have a powerful weapon along with excellent protection.

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