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Dota 2 MMR boosting: from herald to immortal.

by Thomas Browne
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Today, the entire world is going to attract the gaming industry. The Internet offers millions of games that you can play on your device. Out of all these games which are provided by the Internet, Dota 2 is also one of the most popular games of eSports all over the world. The mechanism of Dota 2 is not complicated because the game is played by two teams which consist of five players in each team.  

In this game, every player is allowed to choose any of the characters, which is commonly called a hero. The only goal of this game is to protect your base and destroy the base of your opponent. So, you should select the character which can protect your base. This game was developed in 2011 by a firm named Valve. You can also play tournaments of Dota 2, which are arranged by eSports every year. 

What is MOBA?

Dota 2 is a type of MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game that is hosted by three laned maps. Dota 2 consists of an immense variety of playable characters, which you can select for playing the game. The major and the sole objective of this game is to destroy the base of an opponent by killing your enemies. These kills and fights add countless factors, which makes the game more interesting. This game is known for the development of numerous characters who are unique in nature and their powers. Dota 2 offers 119 characters currently for choosing, and they also add 2 or 3 new characters every year.  

Basic roles in Dota 2

As mentioned ahead, there are numerous characters in this game which have unique powers. For making a strong team, you should choose 3 to 5 of the five most powerful heroes at your favorite position. If you are adding heroes to your favorite list, then you have to know some details about the weakness and powers of every character. Below mentioned are some of the powerful characters of this game according to their position.

1st position: carry

Carry is the strongest character of this game which is also known as golden boy. This character all creeps on the farm on which the entire team is relying. They ensure, carry has the most incredible micro and knows each and every trick which can let him to Deny minions or CS. 

The landing stage is too essential for him, and if you are playing the game as a carry, then you must have to gain knowledge about the lane. It will help you to win the game by decreasing the points of your opponents. So, carry is the most powerful player of the game on the basis of power. Some of the most powerful carry heroes are a phantom assassin, juggernaut, terror blade, and anti mage

2nd position: mid lane

There are many characters in this game which are quite low at the start of the match but gain too much power in the middle of the game. This kind of character can help you in the middle of the game by becoming stronger. It is necessary for winning that your mid-layer must have enough skills. 

These mid-lane heroes can lose opponents by the physical attack as well as magical damage. You can also use them for snowballing to make you win the game. If you want to know about the top mid-lane heroes; Rubick, Kinkka, outworld devourer, invoker, and money king.

3rd position: Hard laner

If we talk about hard in Dota 2, it is one of the most interesting lanes in the entire game. There are numerous choices available regarding the selection of heroes for the hard lane to dominate your enemy. You should choose the heroes of this lane according to the performance of the opponent. 

If they are attacking with aggression, then you should select only those characters who are durable and decent in nature because they can easily survive in their aggressive attack. It is recommended, you should only go for those heroes who can soak up more and more attacks while earning gold. The best hard laners are tusk, brewmaster. The tiny centaur was a runner and beastmaster.

4th position: semi support

Players which you will select for the fourth position are only going to attack opponents but not steal any gold from the opponent’s base. They didn’t work like others because they are totally free from supporting things like buying smokes, warding the map, and many more. They want to see the entire opportunities for earning gold in the game. The best semi support characters are Grimstroke, Rubick, lion, undying, and phoenix. 

5th position: support

Support refers to those characters on whom the entire responsibility of controlling the map lies. The character which you are going to select should have micro at different levels, which will help for communication properly with his team. If you will play as a support, then you will be able to control the whole map and can predict the next of your opponents. You just have to create a team according to your position in the game. 

How does MMR boosting work in Dota 2?

Boosting MMR in Dota 2 is referring to a process that is never going to end. Dota 2 MMR boosting can drain most of your power. But it will help you to win the game in return which is priceless. If you want to make your enemy lose, then you have to maintain yourself at the highest rank in the game, namely Dota 2. MMR boosting can help you to increase your gaming skills. 

Boost MMR or enjoy the game?

If you use Dota 2 MMR boosting, then you will be able to easily take your favorable outcome. You can spend all your free time on MMR boosting because it will help you in breaking your losing streak. It is recommended that you should maintain the love while willing to earn extra gold by using MMR boosting. It is because; this game is developed with the sole objective of providing pleasure to all users.  

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