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Pete Davidson’s Girlfriends and his complete Dating History!

by Manika Baiswar
Pete Davidsons Girlfriends

Pete Davidson is a famous comedian and actor, known for his appearance on Saturday Night Live. Pete has had many celebrity girlfriends in the past, including Kate Beckinsale and Ariana Grande. He currently has a girlfriend named Cazzie David who he met through friends at SNL. This blog post will list all of Pete’s ex-girlfriends as well as some information about their relationship and current status!

Kate Beckinsale:

Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale dated for a few months in 2016. They met through friends at SNL but called it quits due to their busy schedules. Pete has said that he still considers her one of his best friends!

Pete Davidson has dated lots of famous women, including his past girlfriend and now ex Ariana Grande. He also had a short relationship with Kate Beckinsale that started in 2016 but ended soon afterwards when they realized it was too much for both to handle as work schedules were so busy at the time!

Ariana Grande:

One of the most well-known relationships Pete has had is with Ariana Grande, with who he parted ways after four years together back in May 2018.

Pete Davidson dated Ariana Grande from 2016 to 2018. The pair broke up in May of this year due to her busy schedule and his desire for someone who was more present. Pete has said that they are both doing well and still have a love for each other.

Though, Pete pushed her away because she needed some space from him while dealing with personal challenges which led to rumours about how stressful their relationship became over time.

Current Girlfriend- Cazzie David:

Pete Davidson met Cazzie David at SNL in 2017 through friends. He got to know her better after she broke up with Mac Miller and the pair began dating soon afterwards. They’re currently very happy together!

Pete started dating comedian Cazzie David in October 2018 following their meeting while working on Saturday Night Live. The pair were first seen on a date at an ice cream store before they announced that they are sittin’ in a tree kissing. So far it seems like these two just might work out for each other as both have been making reference to one another across social media and even made an appearance on the red carpet together for Pete’s new movie Big Time Adolescence.

Cazzie David

Early Days:

So far, so good. The couple has managed to keep their relationship out of the public spotlight and has been using social media as a way to document their time together (recently visiting his hometown during Easter). Cazzie also introduced Pete to her family including Larry David who is an uncle from another mother! Pete Davidson’s girlfriend appears to be going strong but this might not last due to both being in show business which can lead to some tough situations when you’re trying your hardest not to be sucked into it all while still managing your personal life.

Talking about Pete Davidson’s girlfriend, Cazzie David is a rising star who seems to be doing pretty well for herself. She first made her TV debut on Succession as the daughter of Jeremy Strong and Kieran Culkin in 2017. You might also recognize her from The Mindy Project where she played Marina Schilling with Eliza Coupe which aired back in 2013-2015. This young actress has been making quite an impression since then! Her next project will include appearances on Amazon’s Jack Ryan starring John Krasinski and JAGO that stars Amber Valletta along with other cast members like Luke Perry. It sounds like this talented lady is still working hard at balancing it all while living out life!

The best part about Pete’s girlfriends is how different every relationship was, despite his insistence on dating famous women (except Ariana Grande). His current girlfriend, Cazzie David, brings a whole new perspective to his life as an actor and comedian while also being able to handle all of the celebrity gossips since she deals with it herself due to being related to Larry David! It will be interesting to see if their relationship survives past these early stages.

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