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Does your brand need a social media star?

by Yash Ranjan
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Having a social media presence is a necessity for businesses now. There are plenty of platforms to choose from and implementing them into your marketing mix means you can use different channels for different reasons. However, sometimes you need some extra help in the way of endorsements from those who are huge on their specific platform.

Influencer marketing has always existed in some form, with big-name celebrities paid to feature in a TV ad for a certain product. With the rise of social media and its stars, influencer marketing is now on a whole new level. Such influencers have thousands, often millions, of followers and get such incredible engagement. One post from them about a specific brand or product can send that business from struggling to overcapacity overnight. 

Whilst influencer marketing or hiring a social media star to be the face of your brand is not for every business, you’d be surprised at the sheer number of influencers there are in every niche. We’ve gathered a few top tips for those contemplating working with a social media star. 

Find the right platform

There is no point in finding a social media star to promote your brand if they are on the wrong platform. Of course, most influencers are on Instagram but are your customers using that platform too? If your target market is 50+, they’re more likely to be on Facebook or Twitter. On the other hand, Generation Z uses TikTok far more than any other platform. Make sure you have done your due diligence and know where the majority of customers find you online. It’s a great idea to have a customer journey map set up for your business so you know exactly where to engage with them. Make sure you check out this guide to customer journey maps before you begin. 

Make sure they are the right fit

If you are going to pick just one star to represent your brand online, it has to be the right person. Make sure it’s somebody relevant to your industry or product and don’t just choose the one with the highest following. Many influencers have been shown to have bought followers so double check this first in order to get someone with a genuine audience. You also want to work with someone with a great reputation, so do your research on any influencers you have in mind.

Get their input

Whilst you can just provide the influencer with products to promote, it is best if you work on a collaboration or partnership. Nobody knows their own brand like themselves so work together to fine-tune a campaign that will bring in more publicity (and sales) for your own company but also feels genuine for their following. This can be anything from the start and end date of the campaign to how much control you both have over the published content. Work together with them in order for the relationship to reach its fullest potential. 

Declare the partnership

Influencers should know this already, but it is vital that you both declare you are working together. Whenever they post about your brand or products, they must state it in line with the Advertising Standards Authority, the UK’s regulator. Whether you’re providing them with free products or paying them for a collaboration, the rules remain the same. If it is not easily identifiable, you both will be at risk for fines. 

Working with social media influencers is not for every business but if you’re looking to boost your sales quickly, expand overnight and your products fit in with the influencer world, it can be a worthwhile campaign to look into and set up. Their followers will flock to a genuine collaboration so, provided the influencer is the right one for your company, you can foster a long-lasting relationship for years. 

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