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Star James McAvoy Said He Wanted To Play The Role Of Young Captain Picard In Star Trek Series

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James McAvoy has jokingly said that he would play Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek even if he had to make the film himself. McAvé may have been famous for playing the young Charles Xavier in Fox’s X-Men movies starting with the X-Men: 2011 Class. He took the role from Patrick Stewart, who grew up on the screen character in the 2000 X-Men. While McAvoy X-Men films were significantly different from Stewart films, the two shared the screen for X-Men: Days of Future Past, the batch that brought X-Men from past and present.

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Since McAvoy has already played a younger version of one of Stewart’s characters, some fans are beginning to imagine what he would look like if he’d become a Picard.

While appearing at Jimmy Fallon’s starring performance tonight, McAfee discussed his last tenure as a spaceship captain in a homemade Star Trek parody. When Fallon asked him if there was a world in which he could play the character of the young Picard, McAfee replied, “Jimmy, this is the only world where I will play Jean-Luc Picard.”I’m calling him now, I’m closing my default, and this is my soul.” It’s rubbed everywhere. Patrick’s face tells me this area belongs to me. All other bald artists can stop, me.

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For what he deserved, McAvoy previously mentioned that he loves to play the young Picard for Stewart. However, this does not mean that McAvoy will take advantage of the role, although the fan and McAvoy himself will likely ask him to throw one. Since McAvoy has already done a good job of playing a smaller version of Stewart, it’s probably perfect for another version. Currently, McAvoy has his excellent Star Trek parody.

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