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Working Online? Convert Online Files Easily With These Tools

by sem rush
Files Easily With These Tools

A file’s format is how a file is saved and encoded. It dictates what can be done with the file and what software can open it. You can derive the format of a file by looking at the file name’s extension. 

Formats are like a language, not everyone understands it, just a specific group of people. To understand a language different from yours, you need an interpreter. The interpreter represents file converters in this context. 

We’ve all had some important files that were difficult to access and we thought it was corrupted. In reality, a simple file converter was what was needed to open the document. If you’ve got problems converting files, below are software solutions you should try out.

  1. PDFBear

One of the most dependable and trustworthy conversion solutions available on the web, PDFBear can do more than just converting your files. It is an all-in-one conversion tool capable of splitting, merging, compressing, repairing, and converting files without stress. 

Amidst the numerous converter tools available, PDFBear stands out as one of the most preferred. Despite carrying out conversions between various file formats and a rare ability to convert PDF to PDFA, the software solution requires no download or installation to use. 

With a good internet and working browser, you’re good to go. Its compatibility with any device and SSL encryption technology are other reasons it is a good conversion tool for your pdf works. Files are easily converted, safe, and secure with PdfBear. 

  1. Cloud Convert

The Cloud Convert solution is also an online file converter. It supports the conversion of several document formats. If you need to convert audios, videos, documents, ebooks, archives, images, spreadsheets, and presentations, using Cloud Convert is an option to consider. 

You get started with the online tool without having to download the software before use. With a button on their website, you can select what format your file is in and what format you intend to convert it to. Cloud Convert prides itself in supporting over 200 file formats, having secure data, and high-quality conversions.

  1.  Foxit 

Easily one of the leading software solutions of fast, affordable, and safe PDF works, Foxit benefits both business owners and consumers. Productivity is increased using the software’s affordable products to facilitate synergy with PDF documents and forms. 

One-third of all newly produced Windows PCs have got Foxit pre-installed as the default PDF software including HP, Acer, and ASUS PCs. The interface is easy to navigate and has popular and advanced PDF editing and security features. It’s a preferred software for international organizations because of its multilingual ability, including converting from PDF files to and from multiple file types and converting PDFs to Microsoft Word .doc format. 

  1. PDFShift

This is a conversion tool that’s usually referred to as the developer’s conversion tool. It is designed to help them (developers) and provide them with the necessary tool to convert HTML documents to PDF with high quality. In the File Conversion category of a technology stack, PDFShift is a tool. Its API allows any programming language to be used.

There are PDFShift Packages available for Node.js, Python, and PHP. Other tools that are integrated with the conversion tools are JavaScript, Python, PHP, Java, and C#.  

Its compatibility with CSS3 and web fonts, easy and quick learning curve, PDF protection, encryption, and watermarking are other features along with other options that aid the conversion of documents to your preferred specifications. 

  1. Apowersoft PDF Converter 

The Apowersoft PDF converter is a  conversion tool that makes it easy to create Word or Excel documents directly from PDF files. Conversion of file formats between PDF files and other file formats is seamless with Apowersoft. 

Users of this software can also convert PDF files into the Microsoft Suite documents such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Including conversion from PDF to HTML files, image formats, and plain text format.

  1. PDFtoImage Converter

Ever wanted to convert your pdf directly to quality images? PDFtoImage Converter is a conversion software worth trying out. It is a PDF conversion tool that allows you to extract data across multiple PDF files and converts it to high-quality image formats. 

The conversion is done in just three simple steps on the website. You upload the PDF you want to convert to an image and wait for a few seconds for the software to turn your PDF pages into high-quality images. After the conversion, proceed to download them to your PC. Any PDF or image file remaining after the change occurred would be automatically deleted. 

  1. SautinSoft

This offers a swift service as files uploaded take only see seconds before download. 

It doesn’t have too many options, so it’s basic and promises an easy experience. You only have to upload your content, choose the format you’re converting to, include an optional passcode, and whether you want your documents downloaded alone or compressed in a zip.

Not only can you convert it back to Word, but you can also save it as an image, whether in JPG, BMP, TIFF, or PNG format.

  1. iLovePDF

This is a PDF processing software with advanced aesthetics to give you a smooth user experience. With it, you can convert a PDF with an output that is both editable and free of bugs. 

It has a two-step procedure requiring selecting files to be converted and choosing the format it should be converted to. 

Apart from converting to Word, you also get to convert PDF into usable formats like JPEG, Excel, and PowerPoint. It can also carry out other tasks including compressions, PDF merge, and PDF split. It’s free to use and easy to operate. 


If you have difficulty accessing files when you’re certain your device isn’t infected with a virus, you might need to convert those files. Considering all the tools mentioned above, PDFBear is recommended for its wide range of free services, plus you don’t have to think about the brand of your PC storage as it is web-based. In just a few clicks, you can convert your files and gain easy access. 

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