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Secured PDFs? Unlock Them for Free Online with PDFBear

by sem rush
Free Online with PDFBear

The COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay in their homes because of the threat of infection. That’s why many started to utilize the convenience of using the internet. Got work to do? Do them online. Do you want to share some files? Use your cloud or drive. Whatever the situation may be, going online is the trend presently.

Talking about sending files to different people through the web, security is always the utmost concern of many. Let’s say someone sent you a PDF document containing their work. When you tried to open the file, a prompt asked you to key in a password. After getting the encryption from the owner, you successfully opened the file. 

What if you want to open the file again and make some edits? It would be a hassle to type the password over and over again. 

Unlock PDFs easily with PDFBear

Open your secured PDFs hassle-free using the unlock PDF file tool of PDFBear! With this great PDF unlocking tool, all you have to do is make a few clicks. After that, you can use your files however you want. What sets this website from the others that provide the same kind of work? Here’s a quick guide on the features that put PDFBear among the top.

Safe and secured

People encrypt their files for the sake of security. That’s why in PDFBear, that same reason is applied as well. You can rest assured that no viruses or malware will infect your file. As for privacy, ease your worries because only you, and not anyone else, will see your file. In PDFBear, security is at its finest.

Simple and easy usage

Many people hate going through complicated processes. To simplify things up, PDFBear provides you the convenience of unlocking your PDFs in four clicks. Read below to find out how to use this unlock PDF file tool.

  1. Select and upload. Click “Select a file” and choose the PDF(s) that you want to decrypt. Another way is to drag and drop the PDF on the site.
  2. Enter the password. Of course, you’ll need to know the password set by the owner. Supposed that they gave you the key, enter the password to unlock the file.
  3. Click “Unlock PDF”. After typing the encryption key, click “Unlock PDF” to start the process.
  4. Wait and Download. PDFBear will do its work once you’ve finished the aforementioned steps. Once the decryption is over, you can now save and share the file!

Compatibility and accessibility

There are many kinds of operating systems and web browsers. Some computers may be supported by Windows, Mac, or Linux. Web browsers may vary from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and so on. Nevertheless, these won’t be a problem when accessing the PDF unlocking tool of PDFBear. You only need to have a good internet connection to unlock your PDF files.

Unlocks almost all files

In general, PDFBear will unlock almost all files depending on the encryption. There are special cases though where only the owner-password can decrypt the PDF. Owner-passwords? What are those?

Owner-passwords are the type of PDF encryption that restrict or limit the options granted to others who have access to the file. Simply put, they set whether you can print, edit, extract, copy, comment, etc. the file. Meanwhile, a user-password is another type of encryption that only functions as a key to open and view the file. 

No installation

You don’t need to install any kind of software to unlock PDFs in PDFBear. The process is done through the usage of cloud technology. As said before, you only have to upload the file, enter the password, and save your file. Quick and easy, right?

Using Google Drive

Another way to unlock PDF files for free is to use Google Drive. Follow these steps to decrypt your PDF files.

  1. Open your browser and go to Google Drive.
  2. Log in.
  3. If you haven’t saved the file in your drive, then upload the file by dragging and dropping it on the site. Another method is to click New > File Upload > Select the file > click Upload.
  4. Open the file on Google Drive.
  5. Enter the password to open the PDF.
  6. For Windows users, press Ctrl + P to print the PDF.
  7. Select a destination and save the file.

Disadvantages of using Google Drive to unlock your PDFs

Firstly, it consumes your time. You have to set up an account, if you have none, to access Drive. Secondly, you have to upload the file which can take your time too. Lastly, the process is a bit complicated to do. Nevertheless, it’s one of the free methods in unlocking your secured PDF files!

Why encrypt PDFs?

We’ve talked about the ways to unlock PDF files, but we haven’t discussed the reasons they’re locked. Here’s a brief explanation of why most people secure their PDFs.

Protecting copyright

To prevent others from infringing copyrights, people set encryption on their files. You won’t want someone to copy your work and use them as their own, right? 

Preventing changes

Someone who has a copy of the file can modify it and alter some things inside. By locking the file, you’ll be able to prevent these changes from being made either intentionally or accidentally.

Maintaining confidentiality

Privacy has always been a big question in the hearts of many. In case there is sensitive information in your PDF, then locking it is a must. This way, no one other than you and the ones to whom you gave access to the file can open it. 

Final Thoughts

Indeed, the times have changed. From going every day to physical places like the office, you’re now doing your work at home. It would not be a surprise for you to pass around files through email, drive, cloud, and other platforms. Amongst these files, there may be PDFs included. 

If they require passwords, getting the key from the file owner is a must. It might prove to be a hassle to put in the password every time you open the PDF. To solve that, just visit PDFBear and unlock your PDFs for good!

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