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Why You Should Be Using CBD Gummies

by Radhe Gupta

If you have spent any time on the internet recently, you most likely know that CBD is all the rage right now. And after all, why wouldn’t it be? The cannabis plant has been used by cultures all over the world since ancient times for purposes from making clothes and paper to helping agriculture flourish. You can find more about it on thesite.org.

However, the properties of CBD are usually not the ones people think of when they hear cannabis. Commonly referred to as weed, this plant’s reputation is formed by its sister compound – THC, which makes people laugh, become euphoric, and produce what has been called a “head high.” CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of 104 compounds known as cannabinoids found in the leaves and flowers of CBD-rich cannabis strains. Cannabidiol is produced by dissolving the flowers and leaves of the plant in an edible oil solution like hemp or olive oil. The result is a consumable non-psychotropic CBD extract that offers many medicinal benefits.

CBD, on the other hand, has been known to cause the so-called “body high.” What this means is that you experience more of the physical effects of weed rather than the psychological ones. For example, instead of feeling funny and blissful, people taking it usually feel their body relax and get hungry, also known as getting “the munchies.”

But chilling out and eating is not all CBD is good for! In fact, its health benefits are diverse and far-reaching, from alleviating chronic pain and anxiety to improving acne and increasing cardiovascular health. Some studies have even shown it reduces the severity of epileptic seizures, with others indicating a potential use in preventing diabetes. Read more about it here: https://www.healthline.com/health/cbd-oil-benefits

Means of using it

Whatever your reason for using it is, there are plenty of usage methods to choose from. Of course, the most widely-known method is smoking it, either the plant itself or weed cartridges in vaporizers. This is also the fastest way to take in CBD as it enters your bloodstream directly and absorbs up to 56% of the substance. However, some people are understandably wary of this technique due to the risks that come with smoking.

When it comes to skin-related conditions, topical creams are a popular choice among its users. Namely, in cases of acne, eczema, or even just surface-level burns and bruises, creams and balms infused with CBD can help heal these ailments. This approach results in a slower and less concentrated absorption because of the skin’s thickness, so it is advised to use a product with high amounts of the compound.

Another widespread use is through tongue absorbers, such as sprays, lozenges, and the famous CBD oil. As the name suggests, these are solutions that are consumed orally, which then helps absorb them under the tongue. This method saves more of the compound and helps get it faster in your body.

Last but not least, some people prefer to take their doses in the form of edibles.  When people hear of edibles, they often think of the “weed brownies” popularized in movies and TV. While this can be one way of ingesting it, a better way to make sure you have a product with no traces of THC is by getting professionally made edibles like truffles, mints, and gummies. 

As marijuana becomes legal in more and more states, many companies, such as Cheef Botanicals, produce their own CBD gummies. 

Benefits of CBD Gummies

With so many options to choose from, both edible and otherwise, you might wonder what makes gummies that special? Aside from the health benefits we already mentioned, there are several practical reasons too why you should switch to gummies as the edibles of your choice. 

Due to the method of ingestion, the activation of CBD takes longer when digested through your stomach. This is because of a phenomenon called the “first-pass effect,” during which your liver and digestive tract break down the compound. 

The usual effect takes longer to come on, sometimes even as long as two hours, which is perfect if you would like to delay the influence until you are ready for it. For example, you could take it two hours before going to bed, watch a movie, and make sure you will be sleepy right at bedtime! Click here to find out more.

As we briefly mentioned, one of the biggest advantages of taking edibles is their previously determined dosage. This is especially true in the cases of gummies, where each and every gummy has a specific amount of CBD in it, carefully calibrated for your needs. You won’t have to risk taking too little or too much by breaking off a piece of brownie. Just buy the gummy pack with the exact dosage you require!

A lot of people, particularly users who are not used to weed, dislike the smell and taste of marijuana but enjoy its effects. CBD gummies are the perfect solution for this problem, as they can be flavored with any generic flavor out there but still retain their calming and relaxing result on people. 

Adding on to that, gummies provide a discreet way to use it, which will not raise too many questions from neighbors, roommates, or random onlookers in public transport. They are an effective way to obtain your dose without the revealing smell of smoking or the potentially messy administration of oil. 

A short summary

From what we have seen, cannabis has a wide range of benefits for our health. In addition, the rapidly growing marijuana industry means that companies have developed diverse ways to use this valuable gift from nature suited to everyone’s desires. However, CBD gummies seem to be the most innovative and versatile way to ingest it to date.

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