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Unique Storage Ideas for Organizing Your Jewelry Collection

by sem rush
Jewelry Collection

Let’s face it. Organizing and using space creatively is not everyone’s strong edge. It takes a lot of time for some of us to figure out how to make things accessible and at the same time pleasing to the eye. 

Having small bits and pieces to organize and store is a challenge, and sometimes we run out of ideas on how to conveniently store our valuable possessions like our jewelry. For storing our trinkets we can get tangled up in several necklaces or lost as to where our other piece of earrings is. When you store your jewelry in a drawer organizer, this keeps other jewelry, left in the farther corners of the kingdom drawer, to be unnoticed and unused and leaving you to usually pick what you conveniently see.

If you have crossed this situation one too many times and you’re looking for ways to have neat jewelry storage ideas, then below are the D.I.Y.‘s and B.I.Y.’s storage hacks you can use to make sure your precious jewelry collection is always a pleasure to view and use. 

D.I.Y. Beautiful Jewelry Hangers


We often have household decors like canvases just hanging or lying around in our house. But instead of leaving them unused or plainly hanging, we can repurpose this simple piece of art into a unique jewelry hanger. If you have one that is 12 inches wide then that’s a good size to make this simple project or if you don’t you can buy one, preferably in small to medium in size, and something that has minimal art in it that can fit the vibe of your bedroom. Drill some holes into the bottom of the canvas, leaving a one-inch gap between each hole, then screw in some fine-looking hooks. You can then hang two pairs of hanging earrings or a necklace on each hook. This transforms your ordinary-looking canvas, into a two-in-one earring or necklace holder and at the same time a very cool piece of art.

Picture Frame

Another way to neatly hang your earrings is to use a medium-sized picture frame. Take out everything from the frame including the glass and replace them with any sheet of material that has holes where you can securely hang your jewelry. You could use a beautiful piece of embroidery, a chic metal sheet with holes in them, or even use a mesh wire for this hack. Place the material of your choice on the frame and secure it by pressing down the tabs on the side. You can then hang your frame into a space on your wall where you can easily pick and choose your jewelry. This smart trick not only saves up valuable space in your drawers and deskbut also gives a creative look to your collection. 

Paper Tower Steel Rack

A clever way to repurpose another common item in your house into a useful organizer is by utilizing a simple paper towel steel rack. You can either place the rack in a vertical position near your closet mirror where you can stack your bulky bracelets or stick them in a wall where you can easily access and hang your earrings. This organizer conveniently displays your collection and at the same time makes it easy for you to slide, unhook and use your jewelry pieces. 

Wooden Hanger

You can also make use of your everyday wooden hanger and upgrade it into a jewelry organizer. Simply dismantle the lower part of the hanger, drill some holes into the lower or middle part of the remaining wood, and screw in some hooks to hang your necklaces. 

Ready-Made Organizers

If you have less time in your hands to do these D.I.Y. storage ideas, then you can also find ready-made products that help you store and beautifully display your jewelry collection. Below are the Buy-It-Yourself organizing products you can use:

  1. Jewelry Organizer with 2D Drawers

This organizer has three levels of storage to neatly compartmentalize your jewelry pieces. You can flip open both the left and right walls of the box and use the extra space to store more items. 

  1.  2-Tier Jewelry Organizer

This organizer is a simple touch in your vanity wardrobe that can simply put an elegant vibe to it. You can store in your most favorite pair of earrings and rings and make them easily accessible with this simple rack. 

  1. Earring Book Organizer

If you’re looking for a way to safely store your earrings while traveling, then you can use an Earring book organizer. This organizer has padded pages that secure your jewelry at the same time, keeping them compact like a handy journal. 

  1. Gray Facetta Jewelry Organizer

If you’re planning to store your jewelry in just one hanger, then you can go with this organizer that you can conveniently hang on your cabinet door or bedroom wall. With 38 wide transparent pockets, you can store in your sunglasses, watches, cuffs, and bracelets. 

  1. White Curio Jewelry Stand

Another organizer to help you store in your most classic pieces of jewelry is this all-in-one White Curio Jewelry Stand. You’ll have several hooks to hang your accessories on the top, and between is a metal honeycomb-like design to hang your statement earrings. With a tiny shelf below, you’ll have a place to put your rings and bracelets. Beneath this is also another line of hooks to easily hang your pendant necklaces. 


The website where you can easily purchase these amazing organizing materials is Storables.com. This website is all about recreating space in the most effortless way and offers a wide range of storage materials to use from Jewelry organizers to other household organizing needs. Dedicated to the challenge of all-around home organizing and interior designing, you will surely find practical tips to make your organizing projects successful. They also provide clever home design hacks and more storage ideas in their articles. So if you’re in search of household items to use in a D.I.Y.’s or use the item straight away, make sure to check out Storables to find excellent storage products and options.

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