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Switch Up Your Home Office Experience With These Ideas

by sem rush
Home Office Experience

Gone are the days when a home office was only an auxiliary space in a house. Today, the effect of the pandemic has made work from home a major part of our lives. For that, we need a home office.

The home office should be a safe space where you can concentrate on work and stay motivated and as such, setting up your workspace and designing it is a good way to improve your performance and reduce unnecessary distractions. 

It’s not enough to have a home office, you need it properly designed and organized to differentiate between work and home time. 

In figuring out what design would suit your home office, bear in mind what sort of work to be done and instruments you’d likely use. Here, we have curated some tips to enhance your home office experience.  

  1. Make Room for Work

The first step is to create space for your home office. Allow the entrance of natural light and resist the urge to have everything out of order. 

Consider using large dividers to section your workspace into two if you work with files or equipment. Office storage cabinets would help you organize your files, documents, and help rid the office of loose papers as they make the office space untidy. 

If you rarely use papers but electronic devices, ensure to make enough provision for their connection cords. A cluttered office would reduce your performance output, you don’t want that. 

  1. Built-In Desks

If you don’t have enough space and desire to have a home office, this idea might come in handy. 

Install a built-in desk in your bedroom, a common area, or any part of the apartment that has natural lighting and you’re comfortable working in. It’s a great option if you’re keen on productivity at the same time managing space.

  1. Add Art and Greenery 

Having plants in your home not only helps to make it more aesthetic, but research has also shown it helps to purify the air in your home. Adding greenery to your office space has a similar impact. Make sure the plants have enough airflow and access to sunlight. 

Adding art and greenery to your home office, apart from making it appealing, serves as a positive distraction when working. When working from home, motivation and inspiration can be scarce. You can solve this by hanging some art around your office. They don’t have to be expensive pieces, just inspiration-worthy. 

You should consider home office plants like peace lily and fern. These plants are affordable and low maintenance but require regular checking. Find out the type of care they need and how to apply it before purchasing. 

  1. Functional Furniture

An office is as effective as the furniture available. Usually, the design is the first factor people consider when getting furniture, but it shouldn’t be the focus.

The function of the furniture should be put into consideration too. This is your home office and shouldn’t have to be like the conventional setting. You know how painful sitting at a desk can be for your back, neck, and wrist when sitting at a desk. Get furniture that comfortably fits your purpose.

For a workspace such as your home office, a piece of furniture designed to increase comfort and efficiency is paramount. 

The following tips would guide you in choosing a piece that’ll help you stay comfortable in your home office:

  • Get a table that’s at an arm’s length away from your computer monitor.
  • The height of your chair should be adjustable to support your spine.
  1. Inject Coordinate Colors

Talking about office designs without including colors isn’t just right. Colors are important to us and affect our daily life. If you are passionate about productivity, choosing colors that resonate with you is necessary.

Go for an atmosphere that is conducive to getting work done. If you want your home office to be a reminder that you’re still home, then go for a color scheme that corresponds with the rest of the house. 

You can choose a single color over others and mix it with other colors to create an aesthetic workspace that you love. An option for lovers of minimalistic designs is putting up bright colored artwork on white walls to encourage turn in speed and output. Another alternative is adding colorful furniture or light add-ons like rugs, wall drapes or cushions may get you on track.

Green and blue colors are usually best for focus and efficiency, while yellow is great for energetic and optimistic vibes. 

  1. Bright Light for Vibes

The lighting condition of an office has a way it affects the tempo of your workflow. Nothing is more annoying than working in a workspace with dim lights unless you’re in an online conference. 

Getting the lightning can be hard, but it’s worth the stress. Make sure overhead lights don’t strain your eyes. If it’s too dim, change the bulb. Lamps are also an excellent alternative to overhead lights.

Dim lights are not always the cause of eyestrain, maybe your monitor’s brightness isn’t the same with the room. Adjust your computer brightness to be the same level as the room to avoid strain. This is also why screens should be placed in areas of the room that are void of intense lightning from windows or lights.

  1. Special Corners

This might not be necessary, but if you’re a spiritual person or like to meditate, having special places to do this in your office can be helpful after long hours of work.

Collectors of special things should also have a special corner in their home office for inspiration or brief breaks from work. 


Make the most of your home office with the ideas listed here. Whether you’re on a budget or have enough to spend on the designs, these tips can transform your home office in no time. 

Thinking of the best place to start? Begin by creating space. Just as a decluttered mind is more creative, so also a decluttered workspace is a creative hub for its owner. With planning and discipline, you could create a workspace that inspires you to work effortlessly.

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