Zendaya Could Play A Role In Kill Bill 3

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Nikki wants to take revenge on the bride. 1, fans still have to stop the more epic martial arts. Of course, fans don’t always want that. Since the release of both versions of Kill Bill, Quentin Tarantino has consistently kept the Kill Bill 3 option alive and detailed details of the potential action. As the first member of the Deadly Viper Murder team with his wife The Bride (Uma Thurman), his younger daughter Nikki survived. The bride confessed to the child that although she felt “raw” in her childhood, she was waiting for him.

Zendaya cast

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(Los Angeles) – Quentin Tarantino, Bill Volume 3 and Vivica A. The opportunity to kill Fox has diminished, whose killer Veronica Green was killed in revenge for Uma Thurman the bride or Beatrix Kido in Kill Bill Volume 1. Who wants a hero. Tarantino said the next part is Greene’s daughter Nikki, who wants to avenge her mother’s death.

The future face of Green’s daughter and Thurman Kido is counted in Voltaire. One; When the Thurman character cleans the knife he used to kill Green after a hit between the two, he looks at the girl and says, “When you grow up when you still feel bad, I’ll wait.”

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It seems that every film has a great demand for sequels – whether it deserves it or not. The sequels can certainly be fun and predictable, but in the case of Kill Bill 3, another feature film of revenge, Tarantino is the strangest thing that can use his time and energy. This seems to be particularly true because Once Upon A Time in Hollywood took a different direction. Aside from the amazing art, Tarantino is something big for fans and it’s better to have your tenth film

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