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Black Panther 2: Who Will Be The Villain Of The Sequel Of MCU Film?

Which Marvel Comics characters can serve as Village of Black Power 2 and who is the best choice: An exceptional resident has not been confirmed for the highly anticipated Marvel sequel, but there are many hypotheses Who will Face the king of Wakanda in MCU will appear.

Sequel Of MCU Films?

T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), who was first introduced in Captain America: Civil War, returns to Wakanda in Black Panther and appears with his two main enemies Michael B. Jordan: Ultron Age in his MCU in the Avengers. Neither villain worked in the franchise’s first movie, so Black Panther 2 should be fun for newbies.

The strongest candidates for the series are probably closer to the other Marvel heroes than Temecula. In any case, there are still some compelling options you can make for interesting opponents. Here is a possible video for Black Panther 2:  which character would better fill the role.

Washington’s opening to the United States and the world is already having problems

At the end of the Black Panther, T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) spoke to the United States and presented the Vibram. T’challa is a substance that helps the supernatural find and becomes a black panther. The point was yesterday to present as a way to improve the world, which is already raising mistakes.

As in the first film, exploitation plans are already in sight in Wanda. Fortunately, the Wakatans had strong security to protect themselves. However, there is still a mystery as to how the country stayed after the Tacos captain was temporarily hanged.

We introduce Namor and maybe the whole Atlantic

Concepts about Minor and Atlantis regarding the dependency on Black Panther 2 have been implemented throughout the year. In these scenes, Okoye says she doesn’t want to think about the causes of these earthquakes.

Anyone who has read Marvel comics for decades knows that Nolan is an Atlantis leader and sometimes an enemy of other Marvel superheroes. One of them seems to include the Black Panther


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