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Terror Train 2” crashed on Bew Year’s Eve

by Arti Rathore
Terror Train 2

The 80s cult classic slasher movie “Terror Train” which release on Halloween week in 1980. Tubi give us the sequel of the movie “Terror Train 2” this New Year’s Eve. The two characters of the old movie Alana played by Robyn Alomar and The Magician Played by Tim Rozon Reprise their roles.

“Terror Train 2” is Tubi’s first sequel. This movie is Directed by Philippe Gagnonand it is produced by Graham Ludlow and Kaleigh Kavanagh. 

Excepted Story of Terror train 2

Alana, the former college student who survived the original Terror Train, is pulled back into the world of terror when she is contacted by an obsessed fan. When Alana refuses to participate in this individual’s fantasy, her home is invaded and she is left for dead. Her survival sets in motion a train ride through hell as she takes on the creator of this nightmare. This ride was first class all the way with thrills and spills at every turn. The movie was scarped by Philippe Gagnon. They were planning to go camping over Halloween weekend but they didn’t know there would be a killer on the tracks so they ended up losing their parents lives. Alana witnessed this event and she wanted revenge but when she went to go get help they were all killed too.

What is Terror Train?

Terror Train is a 1980 slasher film with overtones of H. P. Lovecraft and Agatha Christie whose plot follows a group of college students who are stalked by a masked serial killer while riding on a New Year’s Eve party train. It was directed by Roger Spottiswoode and written by George Armitage, based on the short story “The Express to Terror” (also known as “Red Snow”) by Canadian writer Gordon R. Dickson (1924–2001). The film starred Ben Johnson and was produced by Ivan Reitman.

The film was released theatrically on October 30, 1980, by Universal Pictures. It grossed $6 million at the box office, becoming the highest-grossing film from Universal that year. It received two Saturn Award nominations for Best Horror Film and Best Actress. The film has since become a cult classic and has often been referenced and parodied in popular culture.

Alana, the main character in the film, played by Robyn Alomar, is a working-class college student. She lives with her younger sister and fiancé Tommy (Tim Rozon). Her father is a police detective who’s investigating a series of murders of other students at the University where Alana and Tommy attend.

Cast and the Character of the Terror Train 2

  • Robyn Alomar as Alana
  • Mary Walsh as Carne
  • Nadine Bhabha as Sadie
  • Matias Garrido as Doc
  • Corteon Moore as Mo
  • Emma Elle Paterson as Mitchy
  • Tori Barban as Merry
  • Dakota Jamal Wellman as The Prez
  • Tim Rozon as The Magician
  • Alexandre Bacon as Ed
Release date and Budget of the Terror Train 2

The budget of the movie is unknown as Tubi has not disclosed the budget figure. The production of this movie was done in Canada and it was filmed in Canada. Terror Train 2 will be available to stream exclusively on Tubi on December 31, 2022

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