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The Abyss and the Avatar: the way of life is connected or not, Director revealed 

by Arti Rathore
The Abyss

Remember “The Abyss – 1989”, the story of that movie around a Group of Scientists and one water alien. and “Avatar: The Way of Water”. Many fans’ assumptions are that both movies are connected. Because Both movies are directed by James Cameron and both movie is connected with the theme of water. 

In an Interview, Cameron revealed that “Yes! both universes are connected”, in addition ” just connected with my brain. I love bioluminescence. from childhood I have had a deep fascination with the wonders of nature, Either it is above or below water.” 

The Abyss – 1989 

In an Underwater research laboratory, Biologist ” Lindsey Brigman ” discovers an unusual creature that was trapped inside a cave. It’s a water-breathing creature, a mutant abomination of the sea which was never seen or researched before. Despite its scary appearance, it is harmless and is lured by her with sweets. After expanding research about it, she discovers that the creature is actually a water-breathing organism. She tries to prove this hypothesis by showing how the creature can breathe underwater with bubbles. But when a storm forms, the creature is trapped in the lab and exposed to the sunlight. After an explosion occurs in another part of the building, it escapes. The scientists follow the creature. The creature tries to leave, but Lindsey climbs on its back to stay on its back and remained attached to it.

Cast and the Crew of the movie 

  1. Ed Harris as Virgil “Bud” Brigman
  2. Mary Elizabeth as Dr. Lindsey Brigman
  3. Michael Biehn as Lieutenant Hiram Coffey
  4. Leo Burmester as Catfish De Vries
  5. Todd Graff as Alan “Hippy” Carnes
  6. John Bedford Lloyd as Jammer Willis
  7. J.C. Quinn as Arliss “Sonny” Dawson
  8. Kimberly Scott as Lisa “One Night” Standing
  9. Captain “Kidd” Brewer Jr. as Lew Finler

Award won by the Movie 

  • Oscar for Best Visual Effects – John Bruno and Dennis Muren –  1990
What is Avatar: The Way of Water about? 

Based on Cameron’s statement, the Avatar saga is connected to the world of The Abyss.

James Cameron Reveals “Avatar” Characters and Storyline “The Abyss” inspired him to create the movie Avatar. Cameron made a statement that “What I think was originally an embarrassment of riches ended up becoming a bit of a challenge once I got into it and started actually putting pen to paper and realized how much story-telling was required just for that one film alone. But once I realized how rich that story was going to be—how much potential it had not only for a film, but for the rest of the saga I want to make—it became very clear that there was more than enough story material for several films, and that I’d have to move beyond the rate at which we were doing other films to finish out this effort at doing all three. 

So, what is the significance of the name Avatar? Cameron’s statement discussed the avatar vs spirit world. Cameron said that “Bothandare about communicating with our spirit friends and the spark of life within us.” Cameron also mentioned that his inspiration to make this movie was actually why he liked “The Abyss”. But he was not really able to reveal many details in this regard.

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