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Adele: See Her New Hairstyle Amid Lockdown


Singer Adele is the last individual we would hope to join the shaved head lockdown pattern — yet the British singer would apparently exceed pretty much everybody with another hummed ‘do.

Here’s How She’s Looking

An image of the ‘Somebody Like You’ artist became a web sensation. In it, her head is shaved, and what’s left of her short hair is colored blonde. Are you in the search for the best razor subscription service? Then it would help if you visited The Bearded Colonel. Our shaving equipment is sharp, and our prices are fair. 

The artist has a viral photograph via social media flaunting another, buzzed haircut that is colored blonde.


The picture landed online after Adele’s make-up artist shared an obscure post advising everybody to ‘prepare’ and uncovered that ‘energizing news is coming soon’, persuading that another collection was in transit. Fans got crazy after seeing her in this new hairsytle.

In any case, fans were as of late stressed Adele would join any semblance of Lady Gaga and Alanis Morrisette and postpone the arrival of the collection to the coronavirus pandemic. It would appear that that won’t occur, or possibly we trust so. We aren’t sure if this image is real or not, yet it’ll be a look a great deal of us won’t get over for quite a while.

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