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Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Tested Positive For Coronavirus! Here’s What A Fan Should Know

by Albert Luke Walker

The declaration of the WHO of coronavirus as a pandemic has taken the world by nerve, and now everybody is concerned about the deadly virus which has its roots in China. The disease started to spread from China’s Wuhan, and now it has become a global headache.

Several countries are in its grip now, and the worst sufferer is China, Italy, Korea, Japan, and the list goes on and on. Several guidelines are being issued for the prevention and control of the virus. Many countries have released travel advisories and restricted foreign nationals from entering their territory.

If you want an accurate assessment of the kind of mess we are in, noted celebrities and politicians have been diagnosed positive, and it is going to become even deadlier if the virus is not contained quickly. The latest entrant to the list of coronavirus affected celebrities is Tom Hank and Rita Wilson. They have announced that they have been diagnosed positive for the coronavirus test.

Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson T

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And this has sent a chilling message to the fans that even celebrities are not immune when they live with at most care and a decent living standard. The coronavirus has thrilled the globe, and now people are terrified that any social interaction can bring the virus to them. Apart from Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, a British health minister, is also diagnosed positive for coronavirus test.

The couple narrated their story through an Instagram post where they have shown a used medical glove in a dustbin. Now they have been kept in isolation, and they will be monitored as long as the situation demands. They wrote that they started to have body aches and chills, which eventually led to a medical check-up, and then they were told that they had been diagnosed positive. Those who are diagnosed positive for the coronavirus are kept in quarantine, and they have to live isolated till the time the disease is contained.

But we will like to clarify that there is nothing to worry about the disease, and the only thing you have to do is to reduce your social discourses, which are the root cause of the spread of the virus. There are precautions that you can take to avoid any unforeseen situation. One should always keep a sanitiser handy and wash your hands properly once you are back at home.

Avoid unnecessary physical contacts and use the traditional Indian way to greet, which is a Namaste. These small precautions can help you avoid coronavirus. The disease has not only transcended borders but has also cut through sections of society, and there is a need to spread awareness and not panic.

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Colin Hanks, the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Williams, also expressed satisfaction to the care his parents are getting in Australia, and he hopes that soon his parents will be cured of the virus. So stay healthy and stay safe till the time the vaccines come for this disease, which is already in the research stage.

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