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Christmas With the Campbells – A heartwarming gift for movie lovers

by Arti Rathore
Christmas With the Campbells

What happens when Christmas Eve is near and you want to celebrate with your loved ones and suddenly they break up with you . And your Former boyfriend Family invited you for Christmas eve. What happened next is really interesting. 

Christmas With the Campbells‘ is Comedy drama movie. The centre of the story is Jesse (play by Brittany Snow) .  The movie will be  interesting and very funny . The cast performance is really great, especially Justin Long’s performance . The light tone in this movie from start until end will keep you laughing until your stomach hurts.

Storyline of ‘Christmas With the Campbells

Jesse and Shawn are preparing for Christmas eve, Jesse’s parents invited them. Then suddenly the day before Christmas eve, Shawn breaks up with Jesse because of David and He hopes that David can be the girl in Jesse’s life. And when Jesse arrived at Shawn’s house his parents welcomed her. Needless to say that she wasn’t happy about it . but then David with his sense of humour and charming personality will change Jesse’s mind (to fall in love with him) . 

Then on Christmas eve Shawn return home to convince Jesse to Continue their relationship 

Character of ‘Christmas With the Campbells

  • Justin Long
  • Brittany Snow
  • Jo-Anna Garcia Swisher
  • Julia Duffy
  • George Wendt
  • Alireza Mirmontazeri
  • Alex Moffat
  • Erin Darling
  • Mario DeAngelis
  • Pamela Beheshti

Who created the framework of this movie ?  

Clare Niederpruem is the Director of this movie and written by Barbara Kymlicka  . ‘Christmas With the Campbells’ movie produce by Peter Billingsley and the music composer is Tommy Fields

Brittany Snow is a great actor who can play different roles like the famous role of Chole in ‘Pitch Perfect’ series . Justin Long‘s performance as David is also great . He can give the Handsome boy look and also can play the charming guy who wants to be with Jesse . 

The chemistry between Justin Long and Brittany Snow will be definitely awesome. 

Other Actors like Julia Duffy and George Wendt (Shawn’s Father and Mother) show us very good and comedy chemistry  

Expectation from Movie 

The light tone will keep you laughing and enjoying yourself. The chemistry between Brittany Snow and Justin Long will be awesome. finally the happy ending with the Christmas song background will make this movie become a great gift for movie lovers

The moderate light tone from the start until the end will keep you smiling and laughing . Justin Long‘s performance is really great and charming . The comedy will not ever let you. And The funny scene like Shawn’s father and Mother pretending that he is Santa Claus, it’s really funny. Jesse’s performance as a Heartbreaking woman is also good and funny .

Expected Release date 

Christmas with the Campbells’ is set to release in theatres as well as on streaming via AMC+ on December 2, 2022. 


The Chemistry between Justin Long and Brittany Snow in this movie is very good and perfect for the movie. You enjoy your Christmas eve with the light tone of this movie. And will Jesse choose David or Continue her relationship with Shawn 

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