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Buy A Star With The Best Service Available In India

by Thomas Browne
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Did you know that with the help of sparkling star register service, you can name a star after a dear one? It could be the ultimate gift with the perfect way of showing gratitude towards them. Therefore, buy a star and name them after the one who made your life better. 

What are the best features of a top-grade service provider? 

Top grade providers like sparkling star register service let you buy a star of the top quality,i.e. the constellation stars. These stars are for sure, bright, and they are visible in India as well. Now you can buy a star that shines in the night sky. The star you are provided is publically searchable in the star register. 

Also, if you buy a star, you get personalized certificates, a star map, and a 3-piece gift kit. With this service, you name the star and receive your gift within 48 hours only. For this service, you will find 1000+ reviews on Trustpilot with a score above 4 stars. Isn’t it the best way to show your love to the beloved?

Can you buy a star with high visibility?

Sure you can! You can buy hand-picked starts that are visibly bright. These are zodiac stars that one can see even in the brightly lit cities, without needing any special equipment. We name all-stars in association with zodiacs and constellations. However, we don’t ask for any special charges to avail of this privilege.

Gift pack of high quality

Sparkling star register service provides digital packs. These packs come with a range of gift items that are presented luxuriously. One can also opt for an upgrade in the print and ship option. Those who upgrade will get a high-quality physical gift pack through the post. It comes with a heavy-weight gold enchased certificate (which one can personalize too), a presentation folder, and a photo of your star. Buy a star and get this now!

Free shipping fast shipping

Our team starts processing your order within 1 hour. Even though we have a limit of delivery by 48 hours, all our customers have received their orders in less than this limit and receive them by email. We provide the option of printed certificates. It is also processed within a record time, and it takes 5 days to arrive in printed format to your address. Buy a star the easiest way possible.

Get entry into official records

When you buy a star in someone’s name, we register it in the star registry. We have maintained our official public records which are only recognized star registers. After you buy a star and name the star with us, we make sure that it is in the record forever stored for all to see. To search it, use our web repository, or you can also download our app.

Non Fungible Token star

How do we make sure that when you buy a star with us, your desired name is associated with it?

Here our experience comes into play. Our establishment is more than 30 years old, but we are at the forefront of using innovative solutions and the latest technology. Buy a star with all sparkling star registers that are backed by and verified on the Ethereum blockchain with the help of a Non-Fungible Token. This ensures that each gift sent by us is assigned to your star only. We do not impose additional charges for this service, and your star grows in value every day.

Help create a better world for all when you buy a star

Did you know that you support the environment when you use the services of the sparkling star register? With us you are supporting:

  • Astronomical societies: The purpose of these societies is to improve the knowledge of the universe and scientific understanding of humanity. Whenever you buy a star, our service donates in the honor of your star name. You also learn more about the astronomical world and spread the word.
  • Carbon neutrality: Every year, we offset all our carbon emissions. It includes manufacturing and postage, which makes us a carbon-neutral company.
  • Sustainability: Ours is a 100% recycled material. We source it from sustainable areas only.

Buy a star, because it is for everyone

We don’t want the budget to be an issue. That’s why there are different packages you can avail for different kinds of the star so that you could give your loved one the best of what they deserve. Depending upon the product category, you can avail deluxe star, twin star, and supernova star groups. Let’s get to know how to buy a star from any of these categories:

Deluxe Star Kit: It is the most affordable product if you want to buy a star with the greatest visibility. Get a constellation star and also receive a star chart along with a personalized certificate. It also comes with a four-piece gift kit. Buy a star and search for it in the official registry of stars as well. Like other premium packages, you get a space photobook and Celestia software too.

Twin Star Kit: As the name suggests, you can name two stars in a row that are side-by-side. If you want to show a connection between two people, nothing could be a better gift than this one. For this, you will get two unique certificates, and not just one! Both of them come with their personal dedicated messages.
Supernova Star Kit: Want to show that your loved one is the rarest and brightest in the whole universe? Why not buy a star which shares the same features? Therefore, pick the supernova pack, that will leave nothing to be desired. For this, you will get all official documents just like in our other packages along with a $50 voucher for a lunar gift as well. Only this package allows you to get an extra bright supernova star of your liking. You also get access to a limit offer of $100 vouchers for the moon and mars land.

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