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Has recruitment become easier in the 21st century?

by Yash Ranjan

The recruitment process is a tedious and difficult task for companies, especially for the human resources department. However, the latest technologies and tools have completely transformed the management of this area in the 21st century, which is essential for all companies.

One of the main advantages of implementing technology in human resources is efficient time management. In this way, it is possible to concentrate on the development of new ideas or more important tasks.

Technology is really helpful when it comes to the human resources area: it’s possible to recruit personnel and use different tools to motivate employees. The development of new technologies allows us to find new benefits that improve not only daily work but also the work environment in all areas.

How does technology help in recruiting?

Recruiting software/websites/tools:

One of the most important tasks of the human resources department is staff recruitment. There are various types of technological tools designed to improve selection processes to attract more suitable candidates. The use of technology in the recruitment of personnel can be implemented in the creation of databases to be able to make a more agile search or in the use of specialized software to manage different recruitment sites simultaneously.

The use of technological tools in personnel recruitment also saves time when it comes to basic administrative tasks. In this way, recruiters can focus on evaluating candidates more thoroughly.

Here we will show you some of the best and most useful tools with which your recruitment process can be much easier.

– Facebook

Facebook is one of the platforms where it’s easy to find employees. If you create a profile on Facebook, you will be able to properly use your profile for finding perfect candidates: upload pages and photos, send messages on walls (microblogging) and share documents.

If it is a business account, you will be invited to design a page. It is substantially the same action as creating a regular profile, but the point is to build your company’s brand to show that you are a responsible owner or employer.

Facebook is said to be beneficial when hunting for candidates, especially for an older generation.

– Leadar

Leadar is a popular real-time verified B2B database that helps you find contact numbers, addresses, and many other details. If you are looking for the ideal staff, this site has over 110 million contacts which makes it easy to reach out to more perfect candidates.

Leadar helps you find employees via online profiles. You will get different contact channels to reach out to them and make an offer.

– LinkedIn

When it comes to recruiting, Facebook is very different from LinkedIn. People who meet on Facebook sometimes are not willing to talk about work but prefer social and friendly relationships. On LinkedIn, on the contrary, people position themselves professionally. It is a real business opportunity and a real labor market.

Here, each user publishes their academic and professional development and their main achievements, knowing that they will surely find a talent scout.

Let’s also talk about the benefits that the 21st-century technology has brought into the recruitment sphere:

Enabling data-driven decision-making

The use of big data in the management of human resources allows decision-making based on the collection of real data. Being able to count on information helps to improve processes at all levels of human resources management since there is an overview of the real situation of the company and its different areas.

Before the implementation of any change, statistics can be drawn up about the main points to improve, the weaknesses, and what needs to be changed. In this way, the best decisions are implemented in those sectors that need to improve, and decisions are based on real data.

Optimizing time for more specific tasks

The use of technology in the HR department not only has advantages in those processes that are specifically applied but also allows optimizing time so that this department can dedicate itself to more strategic tasks and not only to personnel administration.

The development of technologies for carrying out repetitive tasks such as absenteeism or schedule control allows human resources professionals to dedicate time to developing strategies aimed at improving work performance and retaining talent.

Employees are no longer simple numbers and have become strategic capital that needs to be developed and trained. In this way, both employees and employers can benefit since time optimization is essential when it comes to efficient time management.

Employee training

It is one of the fundamental areas within the HR department since good employee training ensures the competitiveness of companies.

Talent management within a company using technology allows the detection of employees’ strengths to empower them in what is most suitable and train them in those areas where they lack some skills.

The use of technology in the training of employees allows better monitoring of their needs to provide them with the training they need.

Training management software gives employees autonomy to train in what they prefer and also allows the HR department to have information about the tools that employees have in real-time.

Performance reviews

Another area belonging to the HR department that can benefit from the use of technology is the evaluation of employee performance.

It is possible to automate all the processes that are used to carry out employee evaluations, which supposes a significant saving of time and also the obtaining of more accurate data about the employees’ performance.

Carrying out such evaluations helps to achieve better productivity and allows managers to have a better picture of the performance of workers.

Technological advances applied in performance evaluations make it possible to use multiple analysis variables and, above all, use objective and clear criteria for all participants, without any type of bias.

Undoubtedly, technology in the HR department has reconverted the sector and has managed to reorganize the objectives. Whether in recruiting staff or performance evaluation, the use of technological tools is already part of the daily tasks of professionals working in HR.

Thus, thanks to popular and state-of-art tools, apps, and websites, recruitment in the 21st century has become much easier than ever before.

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