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Find out how to take the leap from nano to major influencer to grow your brand 

by Aryan

Influencer marketing is an online trend that continues to rise among brands in popularity in recent times. 59% of entrepreneurs have influencer-marketing programs to enhance their reach. More so, various organizations have started collaborating with others to ensure their brand gets a position in the market. Various marketing agencies also rely on influencer marketing to increase their brand awareness. Whether you are initiating an influencer-marketing program or have already begun in this field, it is fundamental to have a robust strategy before you launch the campaign.

. Essentials of influencer marketing strategy

First and foremost, you must be clear about your focus. The themes of the campaign play a vital role. Following this, you must work on the content before you release the new product or service.

Apart from the overarching goal, you must work on the specific metrics you hope to reach, like increased traffic to the website, social following, impressions, or conversion. You must be clear about your target audience. Learn about their requirements and their interaction with other brands. You can only conduct an influencer marketing campaign if you know their demands.

You must have a proper budget in place. As an entrepreneur, try to allocate 25 to 30% of your online budget to influencer marketing. The more you invest in this field, the better outcome you can expect. From there, it is time to determine what category of influencer you must approach. While there are hundreds and thousands of options, you can choose the one which focuses on your niche. Also, it would help if you comprehended several factors like content theme, audience demographics, engagement, etc.

. Nano influencers

If you go by the thumb rule, nano influencers are those who have 10,000 or a few followers. In the last few years, 70% of social media users have come into this category. It means that nano influencers may be everyday, average social media users with a fan following but not that high. They constantly work to increase their audience base and develop renewed approaches and strategies while working with brands. It is always better to engage with nano influencers or get likes through social boosting because it can provide you with the best advice and help you with a genuine audience base.

. Reasons to pick nano influencers

Brands working with tight budgets may find nano influencers a perfect match. These individuals will have a negligible impact on the website traffic SEO or social following but will assist you in yielding impressive engagement in distinct ways. Nano influencers make it easy to work with and are eager to develop new strategies and formulas. When you work with them, you can grab a vast part of the audience base and impress your target audience like never before.

. Major influencers

Coming to the second most powerful category of influencers they are micro-influencers. They are high-quality ones. With more than 5,00,000 followers, these influencers can help you with every strategy possible to work on your firm’s foundation. Moreover, they can assist you in creating the best category of content and thus create brand awareness to yield successful consequences. 

When you recognize these influencers, you can understand what marketing consequences you may expect.

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