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How Come Land-Based Casinos Are Still Growing?

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Despite the rise of the online casino industry, the land-based casino sector is still thriving. In Macau and other parts of the world, there are giant companies with plans to build big resorts.

Why? People thought that the advent of online casinos would kill land-based ones. However, it is quite the opposite. Land-based casinos are still growing, and we will provide you with the reasons today!

The Chips

There is a psychological excitement with using real chips. Online, you can only click on your mouse and move your virtual chips. When you play in land-based casinos, you hear the chips clink. You can feel them in your hands and then play with them between your fingers. 

Chips in casinos are money. As you see your stack get taller, the more excited you become. If you see your stack getting lower, there is another emotion that you feel, both of which are seemingly absent from online casinos. Chips give you a feeling of reality. Online, you do not even have a stack of chips. You have a number that represents your cash balance. 

The People 

Even if online casinos have live dealer games, there is a big gulf between that and the feeling of being with real people in land-based casinos. Add to that the other players are walking and playing inside physical casinos, and you get to imagine the difference. 

Land-based casinos have a life. There is a buzz, some talks and noise. You get to hear the scream of winners, the moans of losers and the chatter of others. You can even talk to a dealer. You cannot do any of these online. While you can use the chat box to communicate with a dealer, you cannot hear the chatter of other people. As such, an online casino can get lonely. 

In addition, there is no opportunity to meet new people in an online casino. In land-based facilities, you can introduce yourself to someone, make friends, buy someone a drink, etc. In land-based casinos, you may also get to see superstars like actors, singers, basketball players, etc. Just be careful that you do not harass them. They came there to play—not to sign autographs. 

Two good examples of celebrities who like to gamble are Michael Jordan and Ben Affleck. They are often seen in Las Vegas scenes. In fact, Ben Affleck is a card counter in blackjack, and he has already been banned from several land-based casinos.

The Ambience

The only ambience in an online casino is your house. If it is hot, it is hot. If it is dirty, it is dirty. Land-based casinos offer many things—lights, smell, sound—everything!

The ambience is a key component of entertainment. No matter what people do to design a virtual casino, there is no replacing the real deal, and it is the reason people still flock to land-based casinos. 

Some land-based casinos have a lively vibe, while some offer a mafia-esque vibe. You can also expect to walk on carpet, which can really change your mood and make you feel special. 

The Events

One thing that online casinos do not have is events. Sure, they can have all sorts of tournaments, but nobody can see these things. In land-based casinos, you may have the opportunity to watch a performer sing on stage—all while the games are happening. 

There are many types of entertainment in a land-based casino, such as a juggler. You can also watch raffles and other tournaments. One thing you will see in land-based casinos is a poker tournament. Players, of course, are separated from the crowd, and yet you can see their cards and the winners. Unfortunately, you cannot do this online—all you can do is watch the live show on television or through streaming. 

The Real-Time Payment

Online casinos can take at least three days to transfer your winnings to your bank account. This amount of time is cumbersome. In land-based casinos, just queue up to the cashier and swap your chips for cash or hand over your card and convert it to cash. 

Then, there is this problem with withdrawal rules and identity verification. It can take days for an online casino to verify who you say you are. You must submit documents, prove your identity and go through a video call—it is a hassle. 

There is no need for identity verification in land-based casinos except when you buy chips. You simply have to present your identification card to prove that you are an adult. From here, you can buy your chips, gamble, win and swap them back for cash without having to wait for many days. 

The Treatment

Lastly, land-based casinos offer royal treatment to players. You get free drinks, and you get served if you need food or beverage. You are essentially a king. Some high-roller casinos even have valet parking.

Online casinos do not have anything to match this royal treatment except bonuses and birthday specials. You are alone in your house—and you do not get to be treated like royalty because no one else is there. 

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