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The great Enzo Francescoli

by Cameron James Connor
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Uruguay has one of the fiercest national teams all over the world. Everybody who faces them can expect a lot of tackles and fouls. Right now, your favourite betting site is 1xBet, and it has all the matches of the Uruguayan squad.

However, despite their very physical style of play, from time to time it is possible to see Uruguayan players that play the game elegantly. This was the case of Enzo Francescoli, who is one of the best Uruguayan players of all time. He played as an attacking midfielder, and was highly regarded due to his play-building abilities, technical skills and passing. Whenever your favorite players are in the field, you can visit the best betting site, which is 1xBet, and it features lots of betting options on these athletes.

An excellent professional career

Francescoli played professionally between 1980 and 1997. He spent many of those years in squads that are featured at www.1xbet.com/en/live/Football/, such as:

  • River Plate;
  • Olympique Marseille;
  • Torino;
  • and Cagliari.

Francescoli had his young career at Uruguayan team Montevideo Wanderers. He immediately caused an impact on the squad. In fact, thanks to his talent, he helped his team to obtain their best position in the local league up to that date.

Only one year into his professional career, in 1981, Francescoli made his debut for the Uruguayan national team. He helped his squad to win the 1983 Copa América. His contributions for the attainment of this title were undeniable. For this reason, in the same year he was signed by South American giants River Plate. The 1xBet website features all the matches of River Plate, the Uruguayan national team, and countless other squads.

Moving to Europe

Francescoli quickly became one of the best players in South America. For this reason, he quickly started to attract the attention of multiple European teams. When visiting 1xbet.com/en/live/ – all sports live betting is available on those squads.

In 1986 the Uruguayan signed for Racing Paris. He arrived as one of the new stars of the squad, who wanted to build a powerful team thanks to the funds provided by businessman Jean-Luc Lagardère.

Francescoli was quite successful in the Parisian team. While the squad as a whole didn’t achieve any major success, the Uruguayan was seen as one of the best players in the world by the late 80s. His performances helped him to secure moves to Olympique Marseille, then Cagliari and also Torino.

Finally, in 1994, Francescoli decided to return to his beloved River Plate. Currently, all live sports betting on River Plate is available at the 1xBet website. Despite being already 33 years old at the time, he was crucial in helping his team to secure multiple titles. He finally retired in 1997.

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