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Remodeling your bathroom? Here’s why a copper bathtub is the perfect addition

by Radhe Gupta
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Are you planning to upgrade your bathroom? Do you know what bathtubs to install and have a fantastic appeal? Worry not. We have researched reasons why copper bathtubs are ideal for your next bathroom remodeling project. Like other standard tubs, copper bathtubs are easier to maintain and bring a fantastic bathroom experience. This article, therefore, explains why copper bathtubs are a perfect addition to your bathroom.

Easy to Maintain

Copper bathtubs have patina finishes integrated into the materials to bring a fantastic appearance. Maintaining these bathtubs is simple: avoiding scrubbing or polishing them with abrasives or acidic detergents. Doing so increases the tub’s lifespan and reduces the chances of destroying the finish. Simply rinse the bathtub with water after use. Also, clean them with plenty of soap and a soft cloth regularly.

Copper Bathtubs Heal Naturally

These bathtubs don’t scratch easily compared to other materials. However, the shiny aspect may streak if you scrub or polish the surface. Luckily, copper bathtubs installed by CopperSmith have the living finish features that help them heal naturally. With time, the scratch will darken and pick its original patina.

 Heat faster and Keeps Heat for Long

Copper tubs have metallic features which conduct heat within a short time and keep the heat for long. The walls of the bathtub heat up quickly and maintain the temperatures for extended periods. Additionally, copper tubs are deeper than other tubs, allowing the user to immerse completely to get an amazing therapy.

Copper bathtubs are environmental-friendly

Copper is recyclable; using it in your bathtubs will not harm the environment. Besides, copper maintains heat better than other materials; hence the addition of hot water even for longer soaks.

 Health Benefits

Installing copper bathtubs in your bathroom comes with more health benefits. According to recent research, bacteria can only thrive on the copper surface for a few hours compared to other materials. This means you can get rid of disinfectants and antibacterial detergents on your sink. It gets even better as copper is fully registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an antimicrobial component.

 Besides, copper is associated with a therapeutic impact on joint movement by minimizing inflammation linked to arthritis, tendonitis, rheumatism, and sports injuries. The skin absorbs elements of copper if it touches the copper tub surface without causing gastrointestinal side effects as it is with anti-inflammatory drugs. Alternatively, the lack of enough copper elements in your body is fixed by relaxing in a copper bathtub.

Suits any bathroom

Copper bathtubs suit any bathroom regardless of the reasons why one is upgrading their bathroom. These tubs are ideal even when one wants to have a luxurious, industrial-free, or rugged setting. They come with various finishes depending on the environment you are remodeling. The finishes play a massive role in creating a comfortable and fantastic bathing experience.


Now that you understand why you need to add copper bathtubs in your bathroom, it’s high time you engage experts such as CopperSmith. Hover around the copper bathtub designs and pick the right one.

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