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Elijah Norton: Building Veritas Global Protection & Success

by Yash Ranjan
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Founded by Elijah Norton, Veritas Global Protection is an industry leader in the U.S. automotive finance and insurance sector. The company provides top-notch vehicle protection plans, auto protection products, GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection), and other F&I products. 

It has recently expanded its operations beyond the U.S. to Canada, Chile, and other Latin and Central American countries and through its partner WAGAS to the European Union.

According to an estimate, the company currently generates well over $50 million per year in annual revenues. That is astounding for a company that has barely reached its second decade of operation.

Veritas Global Protection: An Exemplary Journey by the Visionary Entrepreneur Elijah Norton

Famous as the company may be, it may surprise many people that Veritas Global Protection, or its predecessor, started as an organization with no more than two employees and operates out of a small office in Overland Park, Kansas.

In 2011, it was a direct marketing call center founded by Elijah Norton, and its operations consisted of selling vehicle protection plans administered by other auto protection providers. 

However, as Elijah Norton gained his footing in the industry, he realized that the offerings by the existing companies and administrators, their level of customer service, and the manner of handling the claims left a lot to be desired. 

This was when he decided to start his administrator, chiefly to serve better an industry that he found lacking in efficient services and innovative solutions. 

As an administrator, Elijah brought all his knowledge of the industry into play and, at first, focused mainly on offering competitive service contracts to the dealership marketplace. 

Having found initial success in this endeavor, he devoted all his efforts to growing his administrator business and eventually sold off his call center business in 2017. 

Elijah Norton’s business venture Veritas Global amply proved that he was moving in the right direction and was on a steady rise to the path of success. 

By the end of the 2019 financial year, the company’s annual revenue had already reached the whopping $50 mm mark.

Elijah has, however, continued to build on the momentum and expanded the company’s assets considerably in these last years, mainly through its expansion efforts beyond the U.S. to Canada, Central and Latin America, and Europe. 

Elijah Norton Business: Core Values and Practices

Elijah Norton has often emphasized, most recently in an interview published in DotCom Mag, that all businesses need to have a strong foundation of core values, beliefs, and practices. 

For example, recounting his journey as the President and Executive Chairman of Veritas Global Protection, Norton maintained that he had regarded his customers as the most critical entity from day one. 

As he puts it, without customers, there is no business. The customers pay the company (and its employees’) bills. Accordingly, all companies ought to put customer satisfaction above everything else. 

And all the core values of the company, such as transparency, innovation, sustainable solutions, fast response, and excellent service, are crafted with the peace and happiness of the customer in mind. 

For example, Elijah reveals that innovation has been the critical factor in the company’s success in all these years. 

In today’s rapidly changing technological and business landscape, the ability to constantly innovate is crucial for any business. This ability can keep a business stay on a consistently ascending trajectory. 

He also mentions that the company’s recent expansion efforts into other countries stem from this drive for innovation. 

Offering their services to different parts of the globe helps Veritas Global Protection learn more and gain more experience that, in turn, can be used to come up with more fruitful solutions in the future. 

And as far as the automotive industry goes, one can now easily see the importance and need for innovation as the industry is made to pass through a time of rather prolonged crisis. 

And the latter, needless to say, has affected all areas of the industry, including the auto protection and vehicle service contracts industry. 

Again, in this respect, we ought to mention another core value of Veritas Global, namely transparency. 

Elijah Norton mentions that no matter how hard they try, sometimes it is not feasible to offer a particular product or service at a price that the customer is probably expecting (especially in these difficult times for the auto industry). 

This is why the company always makes it a point to be utterly truthful and upfront about all their offerings to their partners, insurers, or direct customers.

Elijah Norton’s Role in Veritas Global

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As President and Executive Chairman of the company, Elijah Norton’s primary role is to explore the growth opportunities the business has both in the domestic market and internationally. 

More directly, it is Elijah Norton’s responsibility to cultivate relationships with the company’s existing and potential business partners and service them as needed. 

He makes himself readily accessible to all Veritas Global Protection business partners and is in charge of developing fruitful business relationships that will help the company grow. 

Above and beyond that, though, Elijah also plays an active role in overseeing all the operations and activities within the organization. 

For example, he relates that it is essential to create a great and efficient team and maintain a healthy environment of community and teamwork within the organization from a practical standpoint. 

Having a great team around you, Elijah maintains, not only makes sure that things will be performed efficiently and competently, but it also makes for a joyful and relatively stress-free and productive environment.

This is why Elijah Norton is highly particular when hiring a person for a crucial position. As he puts it, he would instead hire the perfect candidate for a position, or he wouldn’t hire at all.

Indeed this case is amply illustrated by the fact that his executive and management teams are full of highly regarded and respected names from the automotive and vehicle service contracts industry. 

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