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5 Types of Ants that Require Pest Control to Prevent Infestation

by Radhe Gupta

Controlling the pest population in your yard is the best way to prevent an infestation in your home but it takes some serious energy to be successful. There are so many little critters looking to get in and make your home their comfy nesting place. 

One of the biggest nuisances can be ants, especially in St. George. It’s a beautiful place to live but unfortunately it also provides the ideal environment for these little critters to colonize and reproduce. The best way to protect your home is to get professional help from an eco-friendly, sustainable company that offers ant control

Understanding the Parameters of Ant Control

Effective ant control means understanding exactly what you’re up against. There are five different types of ants that make St. George home and contribute to the incredible ecosystem here.  

  • Argentine ant – These ants have small bodies in various shades of brown and tend to carry diseases. They typically nest along sidewalks or in moist soil near a food source.
  • Black ant – You may find black ants along a wall or fence or in your lawn. They are especially attracted to sweet food sources. 
  • Carpenter ant – These large ants may be multiple colors but are typically brown or black. They tend to be the most problematic because of the damage they cause to homes and buildings. 
  • Fire ant – Has a small, bright red body and a painful bite. These ants tend to chew on wire insulators causing major electrical problems. 
  • Pharaoh ant – These little critters come in multiple colors and love to nest in warm junction boxes where they tend to cause electrical damage. 

Any of these little pests will move right in and make themselves comfortable in your home, oblivious to the damage they’re causing to your home

The Difficulties of Self-Directed Pest Control

Ants are nuisance pests that can carry diseases and cause damage to your home. They live in large colonies, so even if you only see a few, the rest aren’t far away. They will nest in walls, attics, and even in your junction boxes. 

They will get into any type of food they can find in your home, causing intense aggravation and more than just a few dollars in new groceries. When one of these little critters finds a food source, they release pheromones alerting the other ants in the colony to their find. 

Ants have an exceptional sense of smell that is at least four to five times stronger than ours. As they follow the pheromone trail laid by the previous worker, they tend to find additional food sources and lay additional pheromone trails. Then you open a cabinet or drawer and see ants in everything! 

Choosing Professional Services for Your Pest Control Needs

Ants are formidable foes, especially when they find their way into your home. Its always best to call a professional ant control service as soon as you see them in your yard. Southern Utah is a unique environment for these pests, so you want to call an experienced pest control company with a demonstrated record of success. 

Nature’s Gate Sustainable Pest Control utilizes eco-friendly, proven techniques to eliminate pests while keeping your family’s health and safety our top priority. Protect the integrity of your property and your family from the damage the little nuisance pests can cause with a single call to the right ant control professionals. 

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