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Van Hire Business

by Thomas Browne
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Vans are road vehicles that are bigger than a small car but are smaller than a truck. Also, They can be smaller than SUVs. They have the flexibility to be utilized for dual purposes. These vehicles are used for transporting both people and goods. 

Van Hire or Rental Industry

This is a growing industry across the world. As the travel and tourism industry is peaking more and more people want such services. As a result of which more such companies have been incorporated in recent years.  

Flexible to Hire a Van

Van Hire is an offshoot business of the vehicle rental business. As many people like to travel without the fuss of carrying a driver with them, they find it convenient to hire a van. Vans have the capacity to carry small but also huge loads on to themselves. Also, since these vans can be parked anywhere they allow enthusiastic travelers to explore at their own convenience.

Transportation of Goods

Vans can travel far and also on unpaved and country roads. These roads connect small villages and towns with the big and metropolitan cities. Because of their small size, these vehicles can travel great distances. These vans can reach such remote locations which may not be possible for bigger trucks to reach. Thus, vans are also hired for this purpose.

Competitive Industry

Competition in Van Hire business is very high. As the petrol prices have become sluggish in the last few years more such businesses mushroomed. Also, with the advancement of technology and the introduction of electric vehicles, demand for these vans has increased manifolds. 

Lucrative Industry

Any person who owns more than two vehicles can start this business. More and more people want to start this business because it gives them a chance to earn quite a handsome amount of money and according to their own convenience. Even people who were earlier working in high paid jobs have also shifted to Van Hire business since they like the freedom that this industry provides to the drivers and the owners of these vans.

Business Model

The business model is simple. One needs to take a business permit and own at least one vehicle or van which he/she can rent out to run on roads. He/She needs to try and attract as many customers as they can to hire their vans. They also need to manage day-to-day operations. For tour and travel operations the vans are mostly hired thus, such vans which can travel long distances and can scale mountain roads and city roads alike are popular among people. Van Hire companies are also dependent on such customers and carefully try to cater to their requirements.  

Element of Risk

Although the business model is simply the element of risk is high. The Business Owner needs to take insurance of vehicle(s) so that if there is some accident then they get the money invested on vehicle(s) back. Also, The condition of the vehicles should be strictly maintained to optimum condition so that they may not cause trouble while on roads. Due to COVID-19, no person was allowed to walk out of the home. The tours and Travel business took a huge hit. Such unprecedented scenarios can greatly hamper the business. 

Market Research

To set up a Van Hire company one must do extensive research of the market. Market Research involves seeking knowledge of how other companies in your area are doing. Is their demand in the market for another Van Hire company? Which areas are more suitable to run the Van Hire business? How this company can be different from other companies? What is that the customers need?


How the customers can access and reach the company stations to avail the Van Hire company‚Äôs services?  This is the most important question. Doorstep delivery and collection of the vans. This is an important service that every company nowadays tries to provide to their customers. If this service is not available to the customer then he/she may have to reach all the way to the office of the company to pick up and deliver his/her booked car. Also, the business requires the company to reach out to potential customers and customers through phone and social media. 

Company Staff

The staff employed in the Van Hire company must be intelligent, diligent, soft-spoken, and must have good oral and communication skills. Many customers may also dial up for emergency services; In such scenarios, the staff must be able to patiently guide their customers out of trouble. 24×7 Helpline must be provided to all the customers so that whenever they call, there is somebody on other ends who can help them to avail services in such scenarios.

Customer Satisfaction

Both profits and providing customer(s) with the best service possible is the motto of every company. Every customer should be happy with the service. That is the sole motto of every business. Van Hire business is not any different. They must love the whole experience.

No hidden Costs must be Involved

Vans that are hired by people must provide for all the services that have been listed in the advertisements and promotions. The customer should be made aware of all the costs involved and no ulterior costs should be added in the bill so that it may inflate the bill considerably. Customer awareness in this respect is very important otherwise it has the ability to jeopardize the reputation of the company.

Should be able to travel across the Country/Continent

Van Hire business or company can only be successful if they have the permit to travel across the lengths and breadths of the country. If the permit is only for a short distance(s) or if it is confined to small geographical locations then there is a possibility that the business may not grow. The drivers of the European Union and North America have the permit to traverse across the lengths and breadths of the continent. Thus, The Van Hire business in the North American continent and Europe is quite successful.

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