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Texting features:

by Radhe Gupta

Save your precious time and resources and enhance your technique to communicate by using the Text My Main Number text to landline messaging solution. By constituting this new communication channel, you may accumulate your regular activities, operations, and legislative works. But now you have the option that you may send private text messages by using our modifying templates and whenever you choose it, also if you think that can a landline send a text message then the answer is yes, you may send them as per your schedule, and This is an amazing way to-

  • Enable two-way text messaging for one or more of your service center’s, toll-free, landline, or VoIP business phone numbers, etc.
  • Send alerts & Reminders
  • Give Answers to all the common questions
  • Give quick encouragement to the people whenever they need help
  • Consolidate and Manage communication of Staff

Remote Access through Web-Based User Panel

The Text My Main Number easy-to-use GUI-based web solution permits you to use this important and progressive text-to-landline solution at any time and from anywhere, You can make and also conduct so many users by customizing permissions that are based on the access level and elements, that you decide to assist every user. Then, you can send and receive web notifications and a real-time system for each incoming message. Here are some texting features mentioned below-


Just send and receive text messages with your current landline number.


Send and receive image messages with your current toll-free, landline, or any VoIP business number.


Send a message that contains both text and image messages, with your current toll-free, landline, or any VoIP business number.


Civilize your communication methods with the customers and forecasts with emojis that will 

enhance the emotion and personality of your text messages.

Contact Management

Adding, editing, storing, and managing contacts with our text to landline solution, same as you would do with your contacts of mobile phone, You may also import and export your contacts, anywhere at any time.

Website Contact Form-to-SMS

Investigate your anticipation in a faster and more effective way by getting a text message whenever somebody is filling out the form of contact on your website. Once you get the notification, you may rapidly send a text message response to keep it locked in your guidance.

Group or Bulk Messaging

Based on different Census and Area, Just place contacts in one or more groups, to adjust and schedule when to send text messages. You may also send notifications, alerts, and announcements to groups of people, everything at the same time.

Survey Texting

you may manage the surveys to know it better, What kind of your products or services are 

properly serving your customer criteria and base.


To Send invoices has never been so easy as, To allow your customers to pay their bills through our feature of billing text messaging.

Scheduled Texting

Make your marketing campaigns correct and send alerts or reminders by scheduling around SMS and MMS messages at a particular time.

Auto Reply

Choose the keywords and text Automatically, with your current landline, toll-free, or VoIP business phone number. You may also revise automated reply templates that would give responses to the messages, that are based on some special keywords, texted to your business phone number. The auto-reply function also gives you permission to enable or disable all the features during particular timings, dates, or days, even during your off-hours, leaves, or holidays.

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