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The Social Media Influencer – Not Another Fad On The Block

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With the advent of the world wide web, e-commerce gradually exploded on the scene, opening vast amounts of opportunities in domains, previously unavailable and even to a certain extent, unacceptable for the mass. Then happened the social media boom, launching the social media influencer of today, seen almost everywhere on the internet, promoting the latest to its niche market. Just like many naysayers claimed that the internet is here for just a while, the same is said for this particular kind of marketing methodology.

What’s A Social Media Influencer Without The Perfect Internet Connection?

While the social media influencer is an animal of a different kind – they are “everywhere” yet nowhere promoting brands that are true to them, so that their audiences can enjoy and capitalize on their experience later. It is also impossible for these new-age celebrities to promote their opinion, suggestions, and advice without a flawless internet connection! 

Though a skillful marketing strategy is still required by brands all over, the explosion of social media influencers in the digital sphere has opened innovative channels that have led to an increase in new opportunities. However, to achieve this, top internet service providers such as Mediacom Xtream provide fast, reasonable, and consistent yet cutting-edge tech service without the occasional hiccup or glitch at ill-opportune times.

Besides hiring the newest star on the block for promoting their brand, the global beauty industry has also capitalized on this trend of utilizing social media influencers for selling their products and services, that other industries are yet to catch up. One reason for this is because social media influencers have a higher relatability factor with the target audience in comparison to a soap star or a movie star, whose image is far more glamourous and away from the drab reality of today.

Still skeptical about hiring social media influencers? We listed just some reasons below to convince you why hiring social media influencers are not just a fad, but a trend to stay:

Demographics Of Target Audience

Jeff Bezos got it right when he said that a marketer’s focus should be on the customer rather than the competition. Your primary aim should be to target your consumers’ needs if you want to receive the established outcome. Social media influencers have been considered helpful as they can fine-tune the demographics of their audiences.

While data is important but often a lot of data can also simply overwhelm the marketer. On the other hand, social media influencers simply put up a short video(s) with the relevant hashtags, that makes the content accessible to their direct followers, to people who are searching for similar options, and even to those who are simply following their followers.

Artfully Marketing Brands To Their Audiences

Marketing that’s literally rubbed on your face is not marketing, it’s just another selling tactic that’s downright distasteful. However, one thing that most social media influencers have gotten right is to subtly promote a service or a brand without being cringy.

Often a product will be artfully presented in a short yet intelligent piece of content that has a high percent of appeal yet presents important facts to the viewer. Social media influencers have successfully been able to understand this delicate balance and believe in the old age rule of show-and-tell; they will use a service/product for a specific time and will record their experience for audiences to decide on the service/product themselves.

For instance, in a populous city, such as Houston or Des Moines Iowa where a new internet package has been introduced by Mediacom Internet, such as Xtream Wi-Fi Hotspots, that allows users to surf, stream, or play at full throttle in the middle of a happening street to capture the hustle and bustle of daily life, in a newly launched high-street café, or at your regular neighborhood park to capture the serenity that Mother Nature has to offer. 

Your favorite social media influencer will happily use Xtream Wi-Fi Hotspots to capture the essence of the moment and post it on their channel, be it Snapchat, Instagram, or TikTok to give their audiences an insight look while saving magnificently on expensive mobile data!

Reasonable Method of Promoting the Latest Brands For Marketing Collateral 

Social media allows you an extremely affordable means for marketing your product/service so you no longer have to spend a large amount on promotional marketing. Whereas social media influencers know how to successfully promote the brand(s) so that it reaches the target audience effectively. Since digital marketing is no longer reserved to just one channel or two, so be relieved that your brand is presented on multiple media platforms to a diverse range of audiences, winning the battle for being the savviest in the corporate jungle!

Flexibility In Work Routines

Though the pros and cons of the social media influencer remain an enigma, some claim it’s just another fad that’s trending in the world today, while others assert that it’s here to stay. Nonetheless, one of the many positives of hiring social media influencers for your respective brand is that they do not need an official workspace to work and can simply market brands using a DSLR, smartphone, and laptop only. This doesn’t only save numerous costs but provides chances for flexible work hours.

Concluding this never-ending debate…

Despite apprehensions from the industry regarding influencer marketing, this is the age of social media marketing management and these social media influencers are here to stay, successfully establishing sustainable partnerships with agencies to yield organic opportunities for the brand in the long run.

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