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Sleeping Pills vs. CBD For Sleep – Why The Latter Is Safer And Better For You

by Radhe Gupta
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Sleeping disorders are detrimental buy weed online to our health and they affect millions of people worldwide. It is estimated that between 10-30% of adults suffer from chronic insomnia. 

When our bodies are at rest, they produce hormones that allow us to heal. You’ll find that lack of sleep will leave you feeling constantly fatigued, grumpy and unmotivated. Overall, you will feel less productive than your better-rested peers.

It is no wonder that sleeping pills have become such a popular remedy for sleeping disorders. Another highly effective alternative whose popularity is steadily catching on is CBD for sleep. But which one is the best option for you? Read on to find out.

What Is CBD for Sleep?

Explaining what CBD for sleep is would be pointless without first breaking down what CBD is. 

CBD or cannabidiol is an active ingredient found in cannabis. In recent years it has become an essential component in medical marijuana treatments and therapies. 

Studies suggest that CBD has a myriad of health benefits. Its anti-inflammatory qualities help manage chronic pain and discomfort, reduces anxiety, boosts one’s appetite, and helps induce sleep. 

It’s worth pointing out that CBD does not cause a “high” in humans, making it ideal for medical use.

CBD for Sleep VS Sleeping Pills

When you compare the two, you will realize that CBD for sleep is the better option. Here are some reasons why CBD is a healthier and safer alternative to sleeping pills:

  • Unlike prescription pills, CBD does not cause a “high,” so you cannot feel the psychoactive effects that cause addiction. This also means you won’t have to take more and more of it to achieve the same effect because your body has developed a level of tolerance as is the case with sleeping pills.  
  • CBD is organic, derived from hemp plants. This means it is less toxic than sleeping pills. These are mixed with all sorts of chemical substances during processing in laboratories. 
  • CBD has fewer side effects. It helps you fall and stay asleep. Sleeping pills will knock you out, but sleep quality is very poor and can be compared to a drunken stupor. 
  • CBD comes in many forms, from oils and patches to capsules and topical ointments, making it incredibly convenient for those who don’t like pills. 

To Sum It Up

CBD is the better option for people experiencing difficulties with sleep. Sleeping pills, while effective, have many negative side effects. Users are prone to abusing the pills and developing an addiction. This leads to expensive rehab sessions for something meant to improve your health instead of destroying it.

Overdoses are also a genuine possibility, accidental or otherwise. Prescription pills often interact with other medications in harmful ways. It means that, at best, they are a temporary solution for sleeping disorders.

In sharp contrast, CBD is a much more holistic method of treatment for insomnia. Thanks to research into the potential value of medical marijuana, we now know that cannabis can help with various challenges. 

Switch to CBD today and enjoy a healthier, safer alternative to using sleeping pills.

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