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4 phrases that are memorable for engraved plaques!

by Radhe Gupta
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If you are considering making an engraved plaque for a loved one – whether it be for a holiday, momentous occasion, or special achievement – there is a certain way that you can make this gift stand out among the rest! Instead of just writing their name, the date, or the name of an occasion – such as happy birthday – you can add memorable and catchy phrases that are sure to make your gift be one of the best presents they have received in a long time!

But what should you include on the engraved plaques? If you’re stuck in a creative rut, then take our advice and try using these phrases to help your loved one celebrate a big moment in their life! Visit site to see some of the best phrases to include on the engraved plaques.

4 unique and fun phrases to use on engraved plaques to make your gift stand out!

A favorite quote

One of the best phrases that you can use on engrave plaques is a quote that your friend or loved one enjoys saying or lives by. Some people have phrases that dictate their lives and help them get through struggles. Some people enjoy looking at quotes on their walls, their mirror in the morning, or reading inspirational quotes throughout the day. If your friend or loved one enjoys a specific quote, you can add this on the engraved plaque to show that you care about their mantra and you customized their plaque to work with their personality and their ethos. 

Describe occasion

The next phrase you can use on engraved plaques to make your gift receiver really enjoy and treasure this memorable present is to inscribe the occasion on the back or the front of the plaque. Whether the occasion is about an engagement, college graduation, birthday, or Christmas, make sure you include the holiday or special event on the plaque so they can remember it years down the line!

Include a photo on the plaque!

The next phrase that you can use on the engraved plaques is a caption for an inscribed photo on the plaque! Since you can add a photo on the plaque that is memorable to the person, includes you and the loved one, or is descriptive of what they have achieved, this caption can be a great way to describe the photo and add a touch of something personal on the plaque. 

Something that you say to each other

If you and your friend or loved one constantly say the same phrase to each other – whether it is a cute love phrase or something motivating to one another – you can add this on the patent plaques! This customization will surely show the person that you have put time and effort into creating this unique gift.


Instead of getting someone the same old gift from your local department store, why not try engraved plaques? This unique and fun gift idea is the way that you can show your loved ones how much they mean to you. 

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