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A Guide To Planning Amazing Vacations

by Radhe Gupta
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Looking to have the greatest vacation ever? With a little planning and soul-searching, it is completely possible to have a fantastic vacation no matter if it’s solo or with the whole family. Consider the tips below to be your own personal guide to planning the very best getaway. 

Set Your Intentions
What do you want from your vacation? Do you want to relax and not have a care in the world? Or do you want to actively explore a place you have never been? Are you a beach person? Mountains person? Lake person? Or a city person? The possibilities are endless so consider wisely what you really need on your trip. If you are needing some serious rest and relaxation, the last thing you should do is choose a place that means work. There is definitely a distinction between taking a vacation and traveling, so what are you looking for? 
Choose a Time and a Place
Do you have a folder of destinations ready to go? If you answered yes, use your intentions to help pick which place to settle on for this trip. Considering when you want to travel can also help you narrow down where you want to go. You do not want to end up in Norway during the winter if you are looking for some warm weather. 
If you have no idea where you want to go, dig into your social media. Have you liked or saved images of a specific place or activity? You can also ask your friend, family, or coworkers to see if they have any suggestions of where you should go. Also, keep in mind how long your vacation will be. If you only have a weekend then something like cruises from Miami may not be your best bet, but if you have a week, then it could be your perfect getaway. 
When planning when you are going to travel, keep in mind that you may want to keep those dates flexible. By doing so, you can get the best rates when booking airfare as well as rental homes or hotels.
Invite Some Travel Companions
If you are looking to get some alone time, then skip this one. But if you are wanting some company, then make sure to think about who you would invite ahead of time. Coordinating a trip for more than a few people can be a little tricky but the payoff can be substantial. 
Plan What You Want to Do or See
Once you have nailed down where you want to go, then start to decide what you want to see or do. This can help you build an itinerary for the trip and nail down where you will need to book accommodations. No matter where you choose to go, there are so many options for every personality. Reference your intentions when choosing if planning nothing sounds better to you, or if you want a schedule packed with fun activities. 
Nail Down Your Budget
After you get all of the details planned out like where, when, and your activities, you can sit down and write out how much money you would need to spend for your trip. You can also do it the other way around and decide how much you have budgeted and from there what is and is not feasible for your vacation. 
Book Ahead
With your budget worked out and activities planned, it is time to start booking your vacation. As mentioned earlier, keeping your dates flexible can help you get a better deal on your trip. Once your airfare is bought, choose where you want to stay. Once you have a place to stay, you can start booking any reservations for the activities you’ve decided you want to do. 
Keep a Journal
A great way to stay organized through this entire process is to keep a journal that also has a pocket for all your receipts and confirmations. This will allow you to have everything you need in one place. You can also bring this journal with you to document all of the fun you will have on your upcoming trip. 

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