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Three Things You Need To Know Before moving to a PG

by Aryan

Remember the time when you were a baby just learning to walk? You first had to learn how to crawl, then how to stand, and finally, after falling multiple times, you tottered around the room. Well, moving away from your childhood home and into a PG in Viman Nagar can be a lot like that. You have to learn everything from scratch. There are no parents to remind you to eat and sleep and no siblings threatening to steal the TV remote. It’s just you, on your own, figuring out your life and your living space. But it’s not as difficult as you think. Because the level of autonomy that comes from living in one can be quite liberating so booking a paying guest room shouldn’t be a scary prospect. At the same time, because you’ll still have some facilities provided to you, it’s not as scary as living in a flat. Still, living in a PG can involve sharing space with roommates, navigating conflicts in the common room, or having to forgo individual appliances for common use ones. And that shift can be difficult to navigate. That’s why we’ve got you a list of three essential survival tips you need to know before you move into a PG.

#1: There’s a Hack for Everything

While you may feel like the first person in the world to have moved away from home and faced the struggle, you’re not alone. There are thousands of people who have done it before you. And that means you can benefit from the wealth of their experience. There are a lot of hacks and tricks that people have discovered over the years of living in PGs and dorm rooms, and many of them can help you make your life a lot easier. From microwave meals to room decor tips, you’ll be able to find a vast variety of hacks on the internet to upgrade your PG life. But it’s not just virtual hacks that you should rely on. The best and most practical advice you’ll get is from the people who’ve been living in your PG longer than you. Ask some roommates or seniors for their tips or look at reviews online that have valuable suggestions you can use. From the best spot in the building for strong WiFi to which meals are the best to what to do if you miss curfew, you’ll get all the tips you need.

#2: Clean As You Go

When you lived at home, you probably had someone to pick up after you. Or even if you didn’t, your room was your sanctuary, and you could keep it as clean (or not) as you liked. But PG life is a little bit different. Because here you have to share your space not just with other people, but people from different backgrounds with different lifestyles from you. That’s why it’s important to clean as you go. Even if your parents aren’t around to remind you, don’t let the dirty dishes pile up in a corner of your room or go months without changing your bedsheet. The best way to do this is to set up a cleaning schedule, especially if you live with a roommate. This will help you coordinate chores without letting them build up, so that you can live in a clean space. And this applies to common use appliances too. Remember that the microwave or the washing machine are meant to be used by everyone. So, make sure to mop up any spills and remove your clothes after the cycle is complete. If you make an effort to leave things clean for others, they will also ensure they do the same for you.

#3: Make Friends

Unlike living at home or living by yourself in a flat, PG life can be a time for you to meet people from all over the country. And living with someone is always an intimate experience, so you can form deep and lasting friendships if you choose. Especially if you’re living in a place like Stanza Living, which caters specifically to students and young professionals, you’re sure to meet people you can hit it off with. So, try to socialise and make new friends among your roommates and co-residents. This will improve the quality of life in your PG and help you combat any homesickness that crops up. It’ll also teach you some important life lessons of compassion and collaboration, as you’ll learn to adjust to the needs of others who are different from you. 

These are the three essential things you need to remember before you embark on your PG life. So, keep them in mind and get ready to move to a new phase of your journey. It’s going to be incredible.

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