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Let your home sparkle and make you shine!

by Aryan
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Why do you like Diwali? The obvious answer is because it is the festival of lights. It is so good and pleasant to the eyes to see lights everywhere. And during Diwali, you get to decorate the house with diyas and lights. The view of a house decorated with lights is amazing. You would be thinking how nice it would be if you could have these decorations on all days. However, we do have these decorations on some special occasions like festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, parties and weddings. The fact is decorative lights are not limited to special occasions alone. You can have these lights on all days. Yes, you read that right! 

These lights are available for your home starting from the bedroom to the porches and the bathroom. Where and how you want to utilize these lights, you can do it, according to your likes and desires. For a warm and soothing atmosphere, you can add candle light in your living room and bedroom.

Below are some types of these lightings which will lift the ambience of your home-

  • Track lighting

These are the light fixtures that are suspended from the ceiling and has various light heads which can be positioned in different directions. These are used to highlight specific areas in the room.

  • Recessed lighting

These are installed above the ceiling. They give light only in one specific direction to provide enough light for the specific task and hence they are also called task lights.

  • Floor lamp

These are portable and is available in different shapes and size. These are designed to complement the other things in the room.

  • Chandelier 

These lights are suspended from the ceiling and they are designed to give light upwards. They add ambience and style to the room. They also are the centre of attraction in the room.

  • Pendant lightings 

These are also suspended from the ceiling and the direction of the light is downwards. They are designed to hang low till the bedside tables. These are used to decorate the room and adds character to the room.

Apart from these sources of light, candles play an important role in providing light and ambience to your home.  Now that we can’t go out to restaurants to have candlelight dinner with our loved ones, why not plan a candlelight dinner at home?

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to light candles but can do it every day. Here are some types of candles that will help you to choose the right candle for each room making it stylish and elegant-

  • Decorative candles- These candles add a glow and soothe the room. They are available in various designs starting from contemporary to industrial types. Pick up the ones that match your décor. You can also get elegant table covers wholesale for a more fancy dining experience.
  • Tea light candles- These are made to be used during festive seasons. They are wax candles that are packed in an aluminium case and are efficient. They are compact and easily fit into diyas and tealight holders.
  • Votive candles- These are small candles available in white and beeswax yellow colour. These are used during prayers.
  • Mason jar candles- These candles are decorative as well as adds charm to the room as it is placed in a mason jar and are scented.

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