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What is Fusing Glass and How It is Done?

by Aryan
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Fusing glass art presents many possibilities for functional & aesthetically appealing artwork with several options for colors & forms. Before we go any further, is it imperative to know what fusing glass is?

What Is Glass Fusing?

Fusing glass is a method of amalgamation of different compatible sheet glasses in a kiln until the glass is fused at a high temperature of 1490 degrees Fahrenheit. 

With glass fusing supplies, you can create dynamic pieces of artwork, which are original and colorful. You can execute just about every design with ease. 

How To Fuse Glass?

Once you have the necessary art glass supplies and equipment such as various types of molds, next up is discussing the complete procedure to fuse glass. You can fuse glass flat, add a texture, mixed media or so much more. Fusing glass empowers you by creating dynamic slumped glass art pieces. 

Below is the step-by-step process of fusing glass, so scroll down and find out:-

Step 1: Prepare Your Workspace

The first you need to do is to get your workspace ready to start with fusing glass. Assemble all the necessary tools and equipment required for fusing the glass. Make sure you prepare your kiln shelf using a kiln wash. You can also line the shelf using firing paper.

Step 2: Prepare Your Glass

Next is cutting the glass into the desired shapes. 

You can grind down the edges to achieve clear lines; this is optional. Make sure the glass is free of smudges or fingerprints before you commence with the process. 

If there is dirt on the glass, and when it goes into the kiln, smudges may fire up, leaving unsightly marks on the glass. 

Step 3: Assemble the Glass

In this step, you’ve to assemble the COE 90 glass in the kiln. Ensure that the piece is not too close to the adjacent projects or the edge of the shelf. If you are putting together a complicated design, it is highly advised to glue together the pieces. 

Make sure you don’t apply too much glue, as it will leave fire marks on the glass fusing. Only a little glue touch-up is needed to ensure the design remains intact when you are transporting the piece into the kiln. 

Step 4: Fire Up Your Piece

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In this step, you need to fire the kiln at an appropriate temperature. Before you remove the fused glass from the kiln, make certain that the fused glass is completely cool. 

Step 5: Check the Fused Glass

Now is the time to admire the fused glass masterpiece. Check the edges for rough or sharp points. 

Grind the edges if you come across sharp points. Start from the backside with a grinder or diamond hand pad before you way your way forward. 

Step 6: Glass Slumping

The final step is glass slumping. Place the glass piece carefully on the mold and fire to slumping temperature. 

Otherwise, the art piece is ready for finished or ready to be displayed. Ensure that you hand wash the fused glass and handle it with care.

In the end, if you are new to fusing glass, then it would be best if you practice first, before you work on the main assignment

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