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What is An Infinity Pool and Why You Should Consider It?

by Aryan

You probably had seen infinity pools in Hollywood movies or at a high-end hotel. Those charismatically awe-striking pools which appear to have the front end open, so the water mesmerizingly disappears over the pool edge with seamless blending with the horizon. 

The luxurious infinity pools are no longer restricted to the rich & famous. Now you can construct an infinity pool in your backyard. 

Before you hire a pool contractor, you must know the different aspects associated with an infinity pool. 

What is an Infinity Pool?

It is a lavish pool design that blends with the surroundings; the water seems to disappear from the pool’s one or two edges. We also know it as an edgeless pool, a negative edge pool, or a water edge pool. It is easy to say why because the swimming pool has no edge from one/two sides. 

The infinity pools have the uncanny ability to lend a stroke of real class and elegance to any backyard setting; it will undoubtedly make your house an incredible piece of luxury. It looks stunning as there is no wall blocking the view. 

Whether you have a vacation home in the countryside or a house in the city, an infinity pool is a perfect vantage point to observe the sunset view. Besides that, imagine yourself in the mind-soothing cascading water sound, as the infinity pool creates an effect like a waterfall, and the water tumbling off the pool edge, isn’t that a really beautiful scenery to behold? 

In a nutshell, an infinity pool weaves a relaxing and calm environment, ideal for relieving yourself from all your corporate life stresses and worries. You can have quality time with your loved ones. 

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Is An Infinity Pool Safe to Swim?

The infinity pool first busted to the scene when Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore’s infinity pool got viral. People from all parts of the world witness the beauty of an infinity pool design, wondering if it is safe to swim in a pool with no edge? 

The answer is yes; the infinity pools are safe because of the innovative way in which they are constructed. They built the pool wall on the infinity side slightly lower compared to other pool walls, giving the infinity feel. The wall can only be seen from inside the pool. Also, this wall is built at a sloping outwards angle to create the waterfall effect over the edge of infinity. 

Now, your next question might be, where does the water go? It is where the design of an infinity pool is clever. An infinity pool has a smaller pool known as a holding tank constructed right beneath the infinity edge, however, it is invisible from the swimming pool. The holding tank catches the water and transfers it back to the infinity pool, and this is continuous. So, no wastage of water, and the edgeless pool is environmentally friendly.

Once the infinity pool is built, you can consider investing in a pool enclosure to render more grace to your infinity pool design. The pool enclosure allows you to swim in the pool, even when it’s cold outside, also prevents your kid or pet from accidentally falling into the pool. 

Cost of an Infinity Pool

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The cost of constructing an infinity pool varies significantly, as the design is customized to align with the space available. Therefore, it is complex to have an accurate estimate. However, there are a myriad of standard costs you need to consider. The primary cost involved in an infinity pool is the cost of constructing a holding tank. It has to be constructed on safety standards and strength as the main infinity pool; it adds to the cost of your edgeless swimming pool. 

Another important cost factor is the additional engineering work involved in constructing an infinity pool. It is a complicated job to create the design and develop the infinity pool; you need to hire a specialist with years of practical industry experience in constructing edgeless pools. They have to build the structure extremely safely and reliably, so expect to pay more. 

If you construct a fiberglass pool, then you’re required to factor in the additional cost of creating the infinity edge, and it isn’t simple. 

So, on the whole, pay more than building a standard backyard swimming pool.

As a money-saving tip, consider having a solar pool cover to keep your pool water cozy during the spring and winter months, and cut down on the heating bills.  


So, an infinity pool makes a luxurious and beautiful property, be it home, spa, hotel, or any other commercial property. But, to realize your vision of infinity pool to reality, you need a specialist contractor with a vast portfolio of building infinity pools. 

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