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Veterans Affairs Hospital Wrongful Death Verdict Doubled To $4M

by Radhe Gupta

It is estimated that about 7% of the adult population of the US are veterans, according to the US Census Bureau. That translates to around 18 million citizens that served in the military in defense of their country. In the line of duty, however, it is commonplace to sustain injuries that put their health at risk. In some instances, those health concerns lead to more serious consequences. 

Wrongful Death Verdict Raised From $2.1M To $4M 

A medical malpractice lawsuit against the Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center in Buffalo became noteworthy when a federal court judge doubled the initial money awarded. Howard Southard, a US Army veteran, spent almost four months in intensive care before passing away. US District Judge William M. Skretny included each day of Southard’s pain and suffering after doctors improperly installed a stent-graft. A military medical exam and procedure should provide veterans with ample care and not more damage to their health and safety. Southard endured 50 procedures during his stay, and the initial reward only covered 58 days out of the four-month stay.

Erie VA Medical Center Expands Vaccination Dole Out 

In better news, the Erie VA medical center recently announced that they will be expanding their vaccination dole out to include veterans, their spouses, and their caregivers. The pandemic has more detrimental effects on veterans as it increases their time in isolation, exposes them to potential PTSD triggers, and increases their access to alcohol and drugs, according to Heroes’ Mile. The opportunity to obtain the vaccine can improve the overall health of veterans and their families.

Disabled Veterans Can Get Adaptive Equipment For Vehicles

Certain injuries that veterans sustain can prevent them from driving their vehicles. The US Department of Veterans Affairs recently announced that the VA assists in paying for adaptive equipment that may help. Such benefits are often granted to individuals who have a service-related disability. A complete list of service-related disabilities may be found on the VA’s official website. It is recommended that those that may need such adaptive equipment get in touch with the nearest VA regional office to process their application.

Veterans put their lives and health on the line to defend the freedom and liberties of their fellow countrymen. This is why having access to adequate and proper healthcare is their right. While there are some verdicts and governmental policies that aim to provide this for them, there is still a lot of work to be done.

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